Water Purifier & Filters

A ceramic water purifier is best for naturally cool, great tasting, healthy and convenient filtered water in your home or work place. Remove virtually all impurities including chlorine and fluoride if you upgrade to a Fluoride Plus filter.

Handmade in Australia. There are around 50 beautiful designs to choose from. Includes free shipping and insurance* to many places in Australia (there may be an extra charge for remote locations). 

Unlike distilled water, a ceramic water purifier retains the natural energy vibrations which is most recommended by natural therapists. A ceramic water purifer is also more economical and better for the environment than buying plastic water bottles. Fill up your reusable water bottle with pure, clean, filtered water for your ultimate health benefits. 

This non toxic ceramic water filter removes 99.99% of contaminants.  This makes it the best water filter system for your home and the most energy efficient because it uses no electricity and sits on the bench for naturally cool filter water.  


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