Onya Reusable Mesh Fruit & Veg Produce Bags - Set of 8

Eight pack of extremely lightweight mesh reusable produce bags. Use instead of plastic bags when fruit, vegetable and bulk-food shopping. A multitude of other uses.  Choose the colour of your pouch.

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you are making a difference:

  • Consuming less over time: reusing a mesh bag instead of using a new bag at the supermarket each time is good news for the environment - and your produce.
  • Bag is made from 100% rPET (recycled plastic drink bottles). This means 60% less energy and 90% less water went into making this bag as compared to similar non-recycled products.


  • Each bag can easily carry 2kg of produce.
  • Each bag measures approximately 25cm x 30cm
  • They weigh virtually nothing on the scales.
  • See-through, making checkout a breeze.
  • Most fruit & veg store better and last longer not sitting in a plastic bag where they can sweat. You can also hang the bags on a hook in the pantry.
  • Once home, you can use the bags as a colander to clean the produce inside.
  • Cool hand wash recommended or they can be washed on a cool gentle cycle in the washing machine.

Also great for: drying your fresh herbs, sprouting, making chutneys, camping, for dry grains and produce from the health food shop, laundry bag for your delicates, see-through toiletry bags for international travel restrictions.

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  • Shop by your values Toxin free, Zero waste, PVC Free, Phthalate Free, BPA Free
By Jody W. on 07 Sept. 2017 :

Title : Love these
Comment : Very durable and lightweight. I put my produce straight into the fridge in these bags and they stay fresh for ages. Don't be surprised if someone comments on them as I get asked every time where I got them from. Do yourself a favour, these are great.
(Onya Reusable Mesh Fruit & Veg Produce Bags - Set of 8)

By Caitlin D. on 04 Sept. 2017 :

Comment : These are wonderful. I keep them in my handbag and use them often. I'm always being approached by people asking where I got them while out shopping. They're sturdy, easy to clean, fit easily back into the carry bag, and are compact enough to live in my handbag. You can also hook them onto your 'green' shopping bags so you don't forget them.

By Jane Y. on 03 Sept. 2017 :

Title : Great product
Comment : These are great when I remember to take them. Previously I didn't worry about using bags but these have been very helpful when I'm buying bulk products (and I think the people serving me are happier now they dont need to balance 20 loose potatoes on the scales!)

By Lexie P. on 29 Aug. 2017 :

Title : Love them.
Comment : So easy to keep in your bag. Highly recommended. While I attempt to never have single use plastic bags, my fruit and veggie bags would sometimes fit into this category in the past. Not anymore. Great for use from the bulk store as well as fruit and vegetables.

By Zain A. on 27 Aug. 2017 :

Title : Durable and extremely useful
Comment : These bags are great! Each bag fits a ton of fruit and veg and is definitely more than enough for my weekly shop. The little pouch is great for storing in my backpack to whip out whenever I need it. It's a great alternative to plastic produce bags and is one of the easiest switches I've had to make towards my zero-waste journey.

By Annabelle W. on 26 Aug. 2017 :

Title : Perfect
Comment : I had no idea just how many single-use plastic bags I used for produce until I bought these! They're sturdy, compact, and the clip is perfect for keeping them attached to a handbag or a reusable shopping bag. I'm overjoyed that I've got them and would happily recommend them to everyone I know!

By Hannah B. on 04 Aug. 2017 :

Title : Plastic Free Shopping
Comment : I bought these in my quest to cut down on single-use plastic bags some time ago. I attach the storage pouch to my reusable bags so they're all together when I go shopping. Perfect for storing any loose produce, however I do transfer any softer items such as leafy greens or snow peas into containers or beeswax wraps when I get home, as they go soggy if left in the bags. Easy to chuck in the washing machine and use again and again. Only downside is that I've found 8 bags are too many to fit in the storage pouch.

By Fiona M. on 31 July 2017 :

Title : The best re-usable produce bags available
Comment : I've tried others but these are the pick of the bunch. They're soft yet durable and the facts that they're made from recycled bottles only makes them a better choice. I love them so much i'm buying another set for a friend's birthday!

By Amanda W. on 24 July 2017 :

Title : Wish I got them sooner
Comment : I love my Onya reusable bags. They are so easy to use and clip onto my reusable shopping bags so I never leave them behind. Lightweight and they easily fit into they provided carry pouch. Best of all my two year old twins find them easy to use so love to help select the fresh produce now.

By Julie P. on 21 July 2017 :

Title : Lightweight and durable
Comment : These bags are made from recycled plastic bottle, are lightweight and can carry a range of things - fruit, veggies, bread rolls, snacks and nuts from bulk food stores and more! One of the best purchases I have made to reduced single use plastic

By Leanne S. on 16 July 2017 :

Title : Easier to use than plastic bags
Comment : Love just pulling out a bag, filling it up and then pulling the draw string. Handy being able to wash beans etc directly in the bag.

By Roselyn H. on 12 July 2017 :

Title : Great replacement for plastic produce bags
Comment : I love these little bags. I use them every time I go shopping. Definitely recommend them.

By Amanda P. on 11 July 2017 :

Title : So handy
Comment : These are great and can be used for so much more than just produce. The 8 pack is definitely the best value for money.

By Emilie R. on 08 July 2017 :

Title : Brilliant product, can't recommend them enough!
Comment : These are just amazing. They're super light and hardy, and double as luggage separators for socks etc when needed! Can just chuck them in the wash if they get dirty and they're dry in 10 minutes. Bought around 4 packets already as gifts and they're widely loved by the recipients! 10/10 product!

By Steffanie S. on 27 June 2017 :

Title : Love them!
Comment : These bags really do the trick - no more single use plastic produce bags from the supermarket! They seem robust enough, and being see-through is handy. My only complaint is that it's a little hard to squeeze all 8 into the pouch.

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