Bentonite Clay Australian in Glass Jar 50g

Bentonite Clay Australian in Glass Jar 50g

vegan palm oil free

Bentonite clay is detoxifying, healing and odour absorbing.  Australian and 100% pure with no additives. Foodgrade compliant (FSANZ), guaranteed sundried, unprocessed, and dry milled. Nutrient and mineral rich.  Packaged in a reusable glass jar with steel screw top lid. 50g.

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Please note that your glass jar may be smooth glass or diamond textured.


Bentonite clay has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, so when activated by water, it acts as a magnet in and on our bodies, pulling metals and toxins to it. Our bentonite clay is Australian and 100% pure with no additives. It is foodgrade compliant (FSANZ), guaranteed sundried, unprocessed, and dry milled.


  • A healing clay
  • Absorbs and draws out toxins, making it beneficial to many DIY skin care products
  • Nutrient and mineral rich
  • Odour absorbing
  • Ideal alternative to talc baby powder

Use to make

Do not use metal implements when mixing any clays.

Origin - Australia

Make your own zero waste, DIY skin care to save money and save packaging waste

Looking to simplify, reduce waste and know exactly what you are putting on your skin?  As well as online here, all the Biome stores offer a range of these raw ingredients in convenient size reusable glass jars, while our Naked Beauty Bar at the Balmoral store (216 Riding Road) offers these and more natural ingredients in bulk, so you can buy just the amount you need.  Bring your own glass jars or choose from our containers to suit.

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  • Shop by your values Vegan, Petrochemical free, Made in Australia, Toxin free, Plastic free, Zero waste
By on 15 Dec. 2017 :
Title : Fine-textured, fine clay
Comment : Great little (reusable) jar of clay! I use it to make a dry shampoo which works very well for me (I have blonde hair, not sure how it would go for dark hair). I've also used it in a homemade face powder, which gives it a nice feel on my skin. I intend to make a mask with it at some point, but I'm using up the ones I have already first!
(Bentonite Clay Australian in Glass Jar 50g)
By on 26 Oct. 2017 :
Title : FAB
Comment : Great product, fantastic packaging and it also lasts for a long time. Worth a try!
(Bentonite Clay Australian in Glass Jar 50g)
By on 19 Sept. 2017 :
Title : High quality product
Comment : Very high quality product, I used it to prepare a purifying face wash that has been posted on Biome's blog. Looking forward to try it also in other DIY cosmetics recipes. It comes in a lovely glass jar that can be easily re used.
(Bentonite Clay Australian in Glass Jar 50g)
By on 29 June 2017 :
Title : Thanks Biome
Comment : Thank you biome for making these products available! The little jars will also be so handy for reusing for gifts. I used the clay in a scrub/mask. Love it and love your recipes. This would be a great idea for a teen party or baby shower - making take home beauty products.
(Bentonite Clay Australian in Glass Jar 50g)
By on 29 Apr. 2017 :
Title : DIY beauty product must have
Comment : The perfect amount to trial making beauty products at home...and love that it's in a glass jar that can be reused after
(Bentonite Clay Australian in Glass Jar 50g)
By on 25 March 2017 :
Title : Great for diy beauty products
Comment : I have quite sensitive skin and have always struggles with face masks, scrubs and products. For years I've been. purchasing expensive organic products, but have done begun exploring making my own and this little beauty is the perfect amount for making small batches in the kitchen! Love it!
(Bentonite Clay Australian in Glass Jar 50g)

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