The collective power of individual actions can create significant change.

By using your reusable products, Biome’s customers have saved over 6.7 million single use products from production and entering landfill or our waterways and oceans.

Calculations based on our 12-month purchase and usage figures reveal we have saved a total of 6,764,320 single use coffee cups, plastic bags, produce bags, water bottles and plastic straws!  This incredible figure does not even include all the other reusable choices that Biome customers make to save unnecessary packaging and materials, such as food covers and beeswax food wraps, ice block moulds, sporks, menstrual cups and make your own skin care.

Collectively we save tonnes of precious resources and create a healthier environment.  These results prove that as a consumer you possess immense power to effect larger changes through your everyday purchases and actions.

You are amazing!!  We call it #thepowerofone

#thepowerofone biome infographic detailing the number of products biome has saved by biome


These figures are calculated based on the number of reusable items that Biome customers have purchased from our online and four Brisbane stores in the past 12 months. 

We then researched patterns of behaviour for each type of item and applied conservative estimates to the number of times our customers would re-use those items instead of using the throwaway alternative.  We were careful not to over-exaggerate our estimates! 

They are incredible results, don't you agree?




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