Coffee Fruit Bar 'The 3pm' 50g - Coffee Fruit, Cocoa & Nuts 50g

Coffee Fruit Bar
Coffee Fruit Bar 'The 3pm' 50g - Coffee Fruit, Cocoa & Nuts 50g

vegan palm oil free

A plant based, gluten-free and handmade superfood bar, made using upcycled fruit from the coffee plant. This special snack is rich in antioxidants, naturally low in caffeine and helps reduce waste in the coffee farming cycle. With a rich dark chocolate taste and nutty finish, this bar is packed with nutritious dates, almonds, and cashews, perfect for your afternoon snack. #coffeeisafruit

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the brand story:

Founded by Lachlan Powell and Vanessa Murillo, the Coffee Fruit Bar is a product of I am Grounded, a disruptive health and wellness social enterprise that looks to change the way we use coffee. Their first product Coffee Fruit Bar, harnesses the power of upcycling the natural by-product of the coffee cherry, to contribute positive environmental and social change in coffee producing and coffee drinking communities. Through championing eco-innovation, I Am Grounded aims to lessen environmental loading on the planet and further the ‘closed loop’ approach in coffee production.

you are making a difference:

  • Purchasing this bar directly saves food waste from landfill
  • Each Coffee Fruit Bar reduces coffee cherry waste loading on the planet by 10g
  • This product provides additional revenue stream to the coffee farmer along with a waste removal alternative
  • Upcycled coffee fruit waste direct from micro-lot farms in Colombia


  • Handmade
  • Plant based
  • Helps reduce waste in coffee
  • Naturally low in caffeine
  • High concentration of Polyphenols 
  • The coffee fruit extract is packed full of antioxidants and potential health benefits
  • Coffee Fruit Bar intentionally sources its coffee fruit from a small number of micro-lot farms in Colombia
  • No gluten or added sugar
  • Patented coffee fruit extract has been developed through extensive research by farmers, manufacturers and food scientists


Made in Australia.

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Organic Dates, Coffee fruit extract, Almonds, Organic Cashews, Almond Meal, Organic Dark Cocoa, Organic Carob Powder, Organic Cocoa Butter, Himalayan Pink salt+.

+the next batch will come with revised ingredients of Australian sourced natural salt.

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