Natural Evolution Green Banana Resistant Starch 400g

Natural Evolution Green Banana Resistant Starch 400g

vegan palm oil free

Made from pharmaceutical grade Green Lady Finger Banana Resistant Starch. Highly nutritious supplement benefits gut health and digestion Add to smoothies or use in the place of flour. 400g.

Green banana products reduce unsaleable food waste from North Queensland banana plantations. Read more this great story of ingenuity below.

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you are making a difference:

  • Green banana products reduce the amount of unsaleable food waste. Green cavendish bananas are packed full of nutrients but since they cannot be sold for consumption due to specific supermarket guidelines, they would otherwise go to waste. 
  • Palm oil free. 
  • Vegan.

what is resistant starch:

Resistant starch is a type of starch that is not digested in the stomach or small intestine, reaching the large intestine (colon) intact. Thus, it “resists” digestion.  While most starches are broken down by enzymes in our small intestine into sugar, which is then absorbed into the blood, resistant starch functions like soluble fibre and isn’t fully absorbed in the small intestine. Instead, resistant starch makes its way to the large intestine where intestinal bacteria ferment it and turn it into short-chain fatty acids. For other forms of dietary resistant starch, choose unprocessed sources of carbohydrate such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans and legumes.


  • The world's highest quality, most potent resistant starch to heal your gut and restore your body's healthy balance, with just one fibre-packed scoop a day.
  • The ultimate multi-fibre nutritional supplement—a unique combination of soluble, insoluble and fermentable fibre to promote gut health and assist in the prevention of colorectal diseases
  • High in prebiotic fibre, to nourish beneficial gut bacteria and support your immune system by promoting a healthy microbiome
  • Rich in inulin to regulate digestion and improve your metabolism, helping you feel fuller for longer, and maintain a healthy weight
  • An excellent source of 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) / serotonin to balance your mood, prevent headaches and migraine and improve sleep
  • High in minerals and increases absoption—including potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and manganese.
  • Aids and regulates digestion and improves metabolism. 
  • A source of serotonin to balance your mood, prevent headaches and migraines and improve sleep. 
  • Regulates blood sugar, helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

how to use:

  • Use in smoothies or liquids for a healthy nutrition boost. 
  • Use instead of flour to make bread, pasta, cakes, etc.


400g / 100% Australian biodynamically grown, green Australian lady finger bananas

also available:

Green Banana Gluten Free Baking Flour from Cavendish bananas, Green Banana Healing Ointment

Free from gluten, grains, nuts, dairy, sugar, egg, soy and dairy. 
Suitable for vegans, paleo diets and people with gluten sensitivity.

About Natural Evolution and Founder Robert Watkins

Are you aghast at the food wasted because of grocery retailer's ridiclous "cosmetic food guidelines" such as the length of shape of bananas?  So was North Queensland banana farmer, Rob Watkins.  Week after week Rob's farm disposed of tonnes of beautiful Lady Fingers that they had poured so much energy and resources into growing just because they were too big, too straight or too bendy for the supermarket giants. The fruit was perfectly good for eating and packed full of nutrients. Every week the local wallabies would flock to east as many green Lady Fingers as their tummies could handle, along with cattle breaking fences to get to the wasted* green bananas (*wasted meaning unsuitable for supermarket guidlines).

In 2010 Rob accidentally drove over a hand of lady fingers on the bitumen and what he saw in the sun rays was like dust, something he later named “diamond dust” due the difficultly in producing this superfood. This drove him to research whether this could be a flour? After suffering mild coeliac symptoms for years Rob knew of the need for good quality gluten free flour and he began producing green banana flour.

Demand for the product is not only due to it being gluten free but also because it is one of the highest resistant starch food sources in the world. What began as a purpose and use for tonnes of wasted bananas each week has evolved into a new market for all growers, and not just for their waste. Growers finally have the option of another marketplace for their produce and in fact the potential to earn more for their higher grades of bananas.

By on 11 Apr. 2019 (Natural Evolution Green Banana Resistant Starch 400g) :

good product

loved to add this to my smoothies

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By on 07 Nov. 2018 (Natural Evolution Green Banana Resistant Starch 400g) :

great product for us and the earth

i love how this reduces food waste in north queensland. I add this to my smoothies for extra goodness. I have yet to bake with it but intend trying a few recipes in the future.

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