KeepCup Medium Glass Cup Cork Band 12oz (340ml) - Sea Shepherd

Lead the positive change from discard to reuse with Keep Cup, an easy to use, clever alternative to disposable coffee cups. Save trees and reduce landfill, CO2 and energy output with the KeepCup. You'll be amazed at how using your Keep Cup can trigger others to adopt habits of reuse. Sea Shepherd support the mission to end the destruction of habitat and death of wildlife in the world’s oceans. 

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Keep Cups are barista standard because they replicate standard takeaway sizes and fit under the group heads of most espresso machines.  For espresso based coffee, the crema remains intact and the portioning of milk to coffee will be correct.

you are making a difference:

  • Once you have used a Keep Cup 15 times over a disposable cup, you have reached break even on its life cycle, including cleaning.  Every use after that is a bonus for the planet!
  • Australians use approx. 500 million disposable cups a year. Disposable paper cups are made from bleached paper sprayed with a polyethylene coating, and impregnated with toxic dyes which mean they can not be recycled.
  • Buy quality, buy less often. Keep Cups are built strong with an estimated lifespan of 4 years. One year product guarantee on manufacturing defects. 
  • Designed and made in Australia reducing carbon miles (except the silicone band is made in China).
  • KeepCup is BPA free. Cup made from lead free fully tempered soda lime glass. Lid made from #5 polypropylene, plug is a polyethylene polymer called TPU, and thermal band is cork.
  • Can be recycled in household recycling collection at the end of its life.


  • Sealable and lightweight.
  • Silcone band keeps your fingers safe from the heat.
  • Plug seal to meet OH&S requirements.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Fits in car cup holders.
  • Suitable for coffee, tea, juice or soup!
  • Replacement parts available by contacting us.

enjoy your "tree-free" takeaway:

  • 71% of the worlds paper supply comes from diminishing forests, not tree farms or the recycle bin.
  • 98 tonnes of resources are used to make 1 tonne of paper.
  • Australia KeepCup users have stopped 70,000 trees being felled for paper pulp.
  • Half of the plastic used in the world today is for single use items.
  • There is enough plastic in 32 disposable cups and lids to make a medium KeepCup.

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Please note, due to monitor variations colours may appear different than what you receive.

By on 08 May 2019 (KeepCup Medium Glass Cup Cork Band 12oz (340ml) - Sea Shepherd) :

Love it

I love Sea Shepherd and all the amazing work they do for the oceans. So happy to be supporting them with this purchase. Love that this cup is made of glass with the recycled cork band!

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By on 30 Dec. 2018 (KeepCup Medium Glass Cup Cork Band 12oz (340ml) - Sea Shepherd) :

Love cork keep cups so much!

Amazing product, love the sea shepherd support option.

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By on 07 Nov. 2018 (KeepCup Medium Glass Cup Cork Band 12oz (340ml) - Sea Shepherd) :

KeepCup - Sea Shepherd

I knocked this cup over the first day I used it, then watched on in horror as it rolled off the desk and propelled towards the floor - I am not joking, this thing bounced. I love it!

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