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The Carbon Club

The Carbon Club

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The Carbon Club. Written by Marian Wilkinson, The Carbon Club reveals the truth behind Australia's two decades of climate inaction. It's the story of how a loose confederation of influential climate-science sceptics, politicians and business leaders sought to control Australia's response to the climate crisis. 


As the climate crisis threatens more extreme bushfire seasons, droughts and floods, many Australians are demanding their leaders to answer the difficult question: 'Why didn't you do something?'

Expertly written by respected investigative journalist, Marian Wilkinson, this book exposes the climate-science skeptics that orchestrated an international campaign in an effort to undermine climate science and the urgency of climate crisis.

Paperback cover. 456 Pages. Published by Allen & Unwin. Written by Marian Wilkinson 15.2cmx23.5cm

Marian Wilkinson is a multi-award-winning journalist with a career that has spanned radio, television and print. In 2018 she was inducted into the Australian Media Hall of Fame. She has covered politics, national security, refugee issues and climate change as well as serving as a foreign correspondent in Washington, DC for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. She was a deputy editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, executive producer of the ABC's Four Corners program and a senior reporter with Four Corners. She has written several books, including the political biography The Fixer, on former Labor powerbroker Graham Richardson, and Dark Victory, on Australia's response to asylum seekers, which she co-authored with David Marr.

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