Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack

PlanetBox ColdKit ice pack sleeve for use in any Planetbox lunch kit or your own lunch box to keep contents cool for up to 8 hours.  The Kids Konserve ice mat and Goodbyn round ice block also fit nicely in the ice mat pocket inside the Rover bag - see links below. 

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PlanetBox ColdKit ice pack sleeve for use in any Planetbox lunch kit or your own lunch box.  The PlanetBox ColdKit is a blanket of ice made with gel-free purified water with a washable polyester fabric sleeve to reduce condensation.

These ice packs will also fit in the designated ice pack pocket inside the Planetbox bag > Goodbyn flat ice round or the Kids Konserve ice pack in magenta or U Konserve ice pack in slate

The PlanetBox ColdKit is a blanket of ice made with gel-free purified covered with a washable polyester fabric sleeve to reduce condensation.  It is designed to be frozen and can keep contents cool for up to 8 hours, depending on your climate.

dimensions:  25cm L x 10cm W x 1.5cm H

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you are making a difference:

  • Helps save money, time and packaging waste going to landfill.
  • Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, meaning less waste in our landfills. 
  • The Magnets are made out of a synthetic rubber material that has been certified to be free of toxic materials.


  • No lids to keep track because it's attached.
  • Includes fun magnets to decorate your Planetbox.
  • Also includes a carry bag, a tall dipper for dips and a glass satellite dish for reheating foods.
  • The latch on the PlanetBox lunchbox is designed for 3-year-old hands and older to close and open by themselves.
  • Lead free, BPA free and free from phthalates & PVC.  100% FDA approved materials.
  • Dishwasher-safe.

carry bag:

  • Outside made of durable 100% recycled PET.
  • Inside made of coated PEVA for easy wipe down cleaning.
  • Independently certified to be safe from lead, phthalates, BPA, and other harmful chemicals.
  • Detachable adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle perfect for transportation to work and school.
  • Insulated soft sided walls, ColdKit can be included inside next to your Launch or Rover lunchbox to keep it cool.
  • An ice pack can be included inside next to your lunchbox to keep it cool.


Planetbox - 26 cm × 19.7 cm × 5cm  

Carry bag - 28 cm × 23 cm × 7 cm

Materials - The PlanetBox is made of high quality 18/8 (300 SS) and 18/0 (400 SS, not 200 SS) stainless steel. It is food safe and will not leach toxic chemicals when in contact with food. These types of stainless steel have been used for food storage in many cultures for generations, and are preferred materials for hospitals, commercial kitchens, and other environments where sanitation is a priority.

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  • Reduce the waste I generate Waste free lunch
  • Colour Blue
  • Made in China
  • Age All
  • Material Polyester
  • Style Ice Pack
  • Shop by your values Zero waste, PVC Free, Phthalate Free, BPA Free
By on 03 March 2018 :
Title : Could be stronger
Comment : This was the second time purchasing as my son busted the one that came with his planetbox. Currently the section on the end has a hole in it and all the liquid has leaked out. On the upside they do keep the lunchbox nice and cool, just a shame they bust easily.
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 11 Feb. 2018 :
Title : Icepack
Comment : I purchased this with a Planetbox Rover and slimline insulated bag. It is just the right size to use in the slimline as it is very flat and other icepacks tend to make the pack much bulkier. It keeps the lunch kit cool enough to make it until the afternoon but wouldn't last much longer - so if you're needing your kit to stay cooler for an extended period I would suggest a bulkier ice-brick or refrigeration. The sleeve is easy to remove to wash and I feel good about not having an icepack full of toxic goop.
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 10 Nov. 2017 :
Title : Good product keeps product cold & washable cover is a bonus
Comment : Purchased to go with Planetbox Launch slimline bag for partners work lunch. The do stay cold for a long time and work be great for kids I think. It is a little fiddly, so we ended up swapping to a bigger bag and using a Techni ice pack & this was easier for us. I did really like the washable cover that came with it though.
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 16 Oct. 2017 :
Title : Excellent
Comment : Great product, fits perfectly and keeps the food cold.
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 04 Aug. 2017 :
Title : Fantastic
Comment : This is a wonderful addition to my son's planetbox. It easily slots into place in the cooler bag and I don't have to worry about his food warming up during the day. It keeps everything nice and cool. I also really appreciate the thought that went into the design. Having boys, I am always worried that something like this will burst and be ruined but knowing that the ice pack is divided into small sections sets my mind at ease. If one bursts, it can still be used and so far it has held up very well with no damage.
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 25 July 2017 :
Title : A must for the planet box lunch box
Comment : I damaged my first planet box lunch bags due to squeezing in icepacks that were too big. Due to the thin size of these ice sleeves they fit perfectly in the lunch bag so are a must for anyone who owns a planet box. However one of mine had 3 bubbles pop after 2 weeks which was disappointing particularly the cost, so I can't give them 5 stars
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 27 June 2017 :
Title : Pretty good
Comment : I bought this to fit inside the Shuttle bag, which is a bit of a squeeze but thanks to its flexibility it can be done. My four year old does have trouble getting his PlanetBox back inside the bag on his own with the ice pack, though.
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 12 June 2017 :
Title : Must have!
Comment : The cold kits are definitely a must have item for the planetbox. We have been through a few summers in Brisbane, and the kids have found their school lunch stays cool enough with these.
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 03 March 2017 :
Title : Perfect
Comment : These are a perfect addition to the Planetbox lunch bags. the kids tell me that they keep the food perfect for lunch time on hot days. Two years on and they are still going strong :)
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 22 Feb. 2017 :
Title : Great for Planetbox Shuttle
Comment : I bought this for my Planetbox shuttle and it still fits nicely. Great for keeping food fresh and cool.
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 28 Dec. 2016 :
Title : Great accessory
Comment : We live in Western Australia so this is essential with the planet box for us. You could always just buy one similar if you wanted to save a few dollars but I like that this one matches and is the perfect size for the pocket. Keeps the lunchbox good and cold.
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 14 Oct. 2016 :
Title : Disappointing.. maybe just bad luck.
Comment : I purchased one of these for my sons planet box. Unfortunately within two days it had somehow popped, leaving his lunch box and contents wet. Maybe we received a faulty ice pack.. or maybe my son was too rough with his bag.. I'm not sure. But I can't give the 5 stars I wanted to because of our experience.
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 02 July 2016 :
Title : Nice and useful ice pack!
Comment : Been using this for daughter's Planetbox Shuttle about 7 months. It keeps her lunch fresh even after school finishes since she usually didn't get to finish it (she is a slow eater!) and wants to eat the remaining during pick-up. Also, as other reviewers said it's very easy to clean!
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 05 Feb. 2016 :
Title : Flexible cold pack
Comment : Great for wrapping around my daughter's milk bottle to keep it cold when going out.
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)
By on 04 Feb. 2016 :
Title : What's cooler than cool? Ice COOOOLD
Comment : We use these every day in our kiddos planetbox sleeves to keep their lunch cool. They're small and slim and give just the right lil' extra cool so that their lunch isn't gross come break time. Stood test of time and one we've had has been used every school day for a year and still looks great. You can remove the cover and wash it if you're not lazy like me ;)
(Planetbox cold kit sleeve ice pack)

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