Size Guide - Pala

The shape of your face greatly determines what style glasses will look best! Use the below information to help you make a decision. Pala says it is important to remember that "There is no right or wrong answer when choosing a frame, simply that when you wear them, you feel good in them. That’s it!"

Square face:

square face man glasses style

Soften a strong face by choosing round, oval, cat-eye, butterfly or semi-rimless styles. For example, Lich or Baobab frames.

Round face:

round face woman glasses style

Choose angular styles to accentuate features and 'lengthen' the appearance of your face. For example, Karibu or Malaika.

Heart-shaped face:

heart shaped face glasses style

For heart-shaped faces, you want to minimise the apparent width of your forehead and accentuate your chin. Do this with styles such as Meria or Nkiru.

Oval-shaped face:

pala oval face man sunglasses style

You have won the glasses-face-shape lottery! All styles will suit your perfectly shaped head ;-).