Size Guide - Aster & Oak

Measurements are a guide only, some styles may be sized differently and have different measurements. For instance our Harem pants have a different waist and hip to our leggings and our girls tees are a slimmer fit than the boys tees. As babies grow so differently, often age is not the best indicator of size. Therefore our size charts include weight and height to help you select the right size.

Please note: Aster & Oak clothing is cut generously to allow room for growth and will generally fit well beyond the recommended age.

0000 up to 4kg up to 56cm Newborn
000 3-5kg Up to 62cm 0-3 Months
00 5-7kg Up to 68cm 3-6 Months
0 7-9kg Up to 76cm 6-12 Months
1 year 9-11kg Up to 84cm 1 Year
2 years 11-13kg Up to 92cm 2 Years
3 years 13-15kg Up to 100cm 3 Years
4 years 15-17kg Up to 108cm 4 Years
5 years 17-19kg Up to 116cm 5 Years