Beauty & the Bees Apple Cider Conditioning Rinse

Beauty & the Bees Apple Cider Conditioning Rinse

palm oil free

Ancient skin and hair care secret, made with Tasmanian apple cider vinegar rich in vitamins and minerals and enriched with beneficial herbs. Use as a hair rinse and a body & face rinse. 500ml.

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For everyone and especially good for people with dandruff, eczema or dry skin.

500ml glass bottle.

Tasmanian apple cider vinegar: rich in naturally occurring beneficial vitamins and minerals - restores acid balance to improve skin texture moisturises and rehydrates the skin especially if skin is eczemaic.
Concentrated herb extracts: chosen to soothe a dry, sore or flaking scalp, stimulate growth and help to strengthen and create healthy hair, improve texture and shine, soothe and balance skin.

Directions for use:
As a hair rinse: it conditions the hair after shampooing adding gloss and shine, brightens natural colour, leaves hair soft and easy to comb and helps to combat dandruff and eczema, removes any soap build up. Simply add 2 to 3 tablespoons of this to a litre of water as a final rinse.

As a last rinse for face and body: to restore the vital acid balance, firm, tone, remove drying soap residue and moisturise the skin. Simply add a couple of teaspoons to the last clear rinsewater for the face.

Recommended with this product: Herb and honey shampoo bars, Aromatic hair shine drops.

Ingredients: Tasmanian apple cider vinegar and concentrated herb extracts: nettle, marigold, horsetail.

Made in Tasmania.


By on 12 Apr. 2019 (Beauty & the Bees Apple Cider Conditioning Rinse) :

Curly hair conditioner

I've gradually gone 'no poo' for my curly hair over the past six months. I use apple cider vinegar as a final rinse and it helps to detangle the knots and leaves my hair shiny and soft. My hair has never been healthier and no one has even noticed that i no longer use shampoo/ conditioner.

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By on 07 Nov. 2018 (Beauty & the Bees Apple Cider Conditioning Rinse) :

Love it

This gives my hair shine and doesn't give it a acv smell. It's gr at with the soap bar, but I have also used it instead of commercial conditional and as a rinse I treat my scalp/hair with coconut oil, or bentonite clay.
I have also been happy using it alone as a rinse in between washes, but this is best effective if you have put in the effort to remove any build up from commercial shampoos nad have been doing the 'no poo' method or use a soap bar or other alternative shampooing method

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By on 07 Nov. 2018 (Beauty & the Bees Apple Cider Conditioning Rinse) :

Great alternative to conditioner

It works well in the shower, and doesn't leave a smell in my hair, but my hair is quite dryish after use. It feels soft when wet, but quite dry once no longer damp. It might not suit my hair type,.. overall, happy with it, but I need to find a product that suits me better.

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