Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Rosemary & Mint

For brunette/red hair. Rosemary, yarrow, lime flowers, sage & mint infusion slightly deepens brunette/red highlights. Net weight when packed 125g.

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A handmade chemical-free solid shampoo bar, rich in plant and nut oils and herbs, to clean hair thoroughly and gently. By Beauty & the Bees.

125g (Net weight when packed) hand cut bar.

Who for: everyone - especially perfect for people with dandruff, eczema or dry scalp. This one great for red/brunette hair.

Entirely natural chemical free formulation traditionally handmade to a gentle centuries-old formula using the finest natural conditioning plant oils such as castor, olive and coconut oils.

The colour of the bar directly reflects the essential oils, herbs, spices, flowers, fruits clays, honey and botanicals used to make it. Totally free of harsh synthetic detergents that dries your hair and scalp and pollutes you and our waterways.

Ingredients: Mountain spring water, olive oil, coconut oil, soy wax, castor oil, Leatherwood beeswax and honey, seaweed extract, Rosemary and Mint essential oils.

Packaged in a cardboard box (not shown).

Made in Tasmania.

Beauty and the Bees products are now 100% palm oil free. However, you may still find palm oil listed on the label of the product you receive. This is because Beauty and the Bees are using up the labels they had with palm oil listed as an ingredient, rather than wastefully destroying them.

  • Age Adult
  • Suitable for Any age
  • Made in Australia
  • Ingredients Natural
  • I want to use it for Cleansing
  • Protect animals/biodiversity Palm oil free
  • Eliminate toxins Petrochemical free
  • Travel lightly Camping
  • Make my home green Skin care
  • Switch to natural skin & beauty Natural hair care
  • Combat allergy Chemical free
  • Shop by your values Palm oil free, Synthetic Fragrance Free, Petrochemical free, Made in Australia, Ethically sourced, Toxin free, Plastic free
By on 07 Jan. 2018 :
Title : Smells great and works well
Comment : This smells great and works well but found that I needed to use a conditioner as it left my hair a bit knotty. The only other thing is that it does get used up really quickly if its left in a wet area so needs to be kept to dry out between uses. I probably wouldn't purchase again even though I did like it as I've found something better.
(Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Rosemary & Mint)
By on 26 Nov. 2017 :
Title : great product, but a pity about the wasteful plastic sticker on the pacaging
Comment : This product is great for washing your hair. For a palm oil-free shampoo bar it lathers very well. It has a very subtle scent which is pleasant. Leaves your hair clean and soft. My only concern with regards to the product is the packaging. It is such a pity that they stick a plastic sticker onto the completely biodegradable box to mark the scent of the bar. I think this is an unnecessary waste of resource. I will continue to support this company and their fantastic product once they take steps to change the packaging to 100% plastic-free.
(Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Rosemary & Mint)
By on 26 Oct. 2017 :
Title : Happy to have found it!
Comment : I finally made the change to natural shampoo. I am so glad I did, but it did take a long time for the all the preservations to get out of my hair. This shampoo is great, and I am glad I stuck with it during the transition phase (which was tough). It lasts a long time, smells great and you don't need conditioner!
(Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Rosemary & Mint)
By on 19 Sept. 2017 :
Title : Good product
Comment : Really good product, even though is 100% natural it does make quite a bit of foam making it easier to use compared to other shampoo bars I have tried before. The only 'negative' note is that it does melt very quickly, probably because it does not contain any chemical, if left on a soap rack, is better to store it in a closed soap case instead to make it last longer and avoid any waste of it. I will buy it again.
(Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Rosemary & Mint)
By on 05 Sept. 2017 :
Title : Wonderful
Comment : I love this bar - it smells beautiful, cleanses gently and is all natural! Rosemary is fantastic for hair, I previously struggled with sudden hair loss, breakage and scalp sensitivity but now after using this bar and other bars in the Beauty and the bees range my hair is returning to its healthy former glory! Highly Recommend!
(Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Rosemary & Mint)
By on 23 March 2017 :
Title : Great for problem scalps
Comment : I love this soap, I suffer from scalp psoriasis and this helps clear my condition while leaving my hair shiny, manageable, and natural. Using this soap on combination with acv rinse my hair doesn't stay as wet for as long either
(Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Rosemary & Mint)
By on 27 Oct. 2014 :
Title : Love it
Comment : Leaves hair really clean, shiny and smooth with no need for conditioner.
(Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Rosemary & Mint)
By on 25 Oct. 2014 :
Title : Plus and minus
Comment : The positives: the solid shampoo bar smells good, contains no nasties, forms a rich lather and can result in beautiful hair. The negatives: whilst I knew better than to expect foam from a shampoo that doesn't contain sodium laurel sulfates (SLS), I often didn't feel that the lather was able to penetrate through my hair, so found myself spending a long time trying to work it in and then rinse and repeat and repeat. After some washes I found I could go 4 days with beautifully clean hair, and other days I felt my hair needed to be rewashed the next morning. I understood that there may be a transition period so kept using this and one of the other beauty and the bees bars for more than 3 months, but ended up going with a solid shampoo (sadly with SLS) from another store which markets itself on solid beauty products. I still hope to return to this product in the future. As with natural soaps, be sure to keep on a well draining soap rack.
(Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Rosemary & Mint)

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