Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Tasmanian Wild Leaves

Lather up with the rich soft scent of damp rainforest - woody, mossy and fresh. For all hair types, especially perfect to treat a dry, sore irritated scalp, eczema and psoriasis. Handmade chemical-free solid shampoo bar. Net weight when packed 125g. Hand cut bar.

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A handmade chemical-free solid shampoo bar, rich in plant and nut oils and herbs, to clean hair thoroughly and gently. By Beauty & the Bees.

Lather up with the rich soft scent of damp rainforest - woody, mossy and fresh. 

Australia and Tasmania’s legendary “bush medicine” powerfully antiseptic and antifungal essential oils (eucalyptus, kunzea, tea trea)  and India’s wonder tree, insecticidal Neem, are included in this new bar to soothe and calm irritated scalp. Neem is renowned for it’s use to discourage insects such as nits – just lather up and leave on for 5 mins or so to use for this purpose.

Who for: everyone - especially perfect for people with dandruff, eczema or dry scalp.

Entirely natural chemical free formulation traditionally handmade to a gentle centuries-old formula using the finest natural conditioning plant oils such as castor, olive and coconut oils.

The colour of the bar directly reflects the essential oils, herbs, spices, flowers, fruits clays, honey and botanicals used to make it. Totally free of harsh synthetic detergents that dries your hair and scalp and pollutes you and our waterways.

Ingredients: Mountain spring water, olive oil, coconut oil, soy wax, castor oil,Leatherwood beeswax and honey, tea tree leaves, seaweed extract, essential oils,

Packaged in a cardboard box (not shown).

Net weight when packed 125g. Hand cut bar.

Made in Tasmania.

Beauty and the Bees products are now 100% palm oil free. However, you may still find palm oil listed on the label of the product you receive. This is because Beauty and the Bees are using up the labels they had with palm oil listed as an ingredient, rather than wastefully destroying them.

By on 26 Apr. 2019 (Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Tasmanian Wild Leaves) :

Smells divine

I like the Beauty and the Bees shampoo bars. This one smells just divine.
My hair are left all clean and shiny when dry.

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By on 11 Apr. 2019 (Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Tasmanian Wild Leaves) :

I really wanted to like this

Positives first: It smells really really good. It's from my home state. My partner uses this brand's beard shampoo and won't use anything else. It worked really really well at getting rid of my scalp irritation and dandruff. But, I really hated this shampoo. It took forever to lather so I'd be standing there in the shower trying to wash my hair and thinking about the water I was wasting trying to get my hair washed with this shampoo, and whether it would waste less water to just buy a liquid shampoo and be done with it. It left an awful residue on my hair. I did the apple cider vinegar rinse and everything and it left a better result than a plain water rinse, but my hair felt waxy and stringy and it looked like I hadn't washed it in weeks when I'd just washed it the night before. It was so stringy it looked like it was forming into dreadlocks. Using conditioner/moisturising treatments seemed to make the oily/waxiness worse, so I didn't have anything to detangle my hair and brushing or combing through the tangles caused so much hair breakage and pulling that I feel like my hair is noticeably thinner now. I used the entire bar because I kept hoping my hair would get used to it or I'd stumble upon a way to use it that didn't leave my hair looking awful and ratty, but I never did. Being finally done with this shampoo bar and going back to regular shampoo and conditioner was like a revelation of cleanliness and softness that I hadn't experienced in months. BUT my scalp was always in good condition with this shampoo bar, and it DID smell SO GOOD, but that was usually covered up by the vinegar rinse anyway. Oh, and don't leave it in the soap dish in the shower, if it sits in water it will completely dissolve pretty much overnight. The times I forgot to take it out of the shower, I didn't really mind, because dissolving half the bar just meant a shorter time until I could finally be done with it.

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By on 07 Nov. 2018 (Beauty & the Bees Shampoo Bar - Tasmanian Wild Leaves) :

Great for problem scalps

This has helped me get my scalp psoriasis under control and I generally alternate between this and the rosemary bar. It takes some persistence to get to a comfortable place after using commercial shampoos, but once you get through that stage your hair becomes natural and mine felt like it was when I was a child before I got into hair dyes, styling products, etc.
Gives great body and volume to hair as well.

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