Lunette menstrual cup Cynthia purple - Size 1

Cynthia is one of the names of Goddess Artemis. This Greek Goddess of the moon, hunt and the night sky was later connected to Selene and Diana and so she is continuing our chain of Moon Goddess.

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Lunette Cup Model 1 is our choice for women with light to moderate flow, or who are younger, or have not experienced intercourse.

All Lunette menstrual cups are soft and pliable, however, Lunette Cup Model 1 is made of softer silicone than Lunette Cup Model 2.

  • Diameter 41 mm (1.6'')
  • Stem length 25 mm (1'')
  • Cup length 47 mm (1.9'')
  • Volume 25 ml (0.85 fl oz)
By (Cremorne, Australia) on 26 Feb. 2019 (Lunette menstrual cup Cynthia purple - Size 1) :


I hated using conventional female hygiene products like pads and tampons, and this cup has been the solution. I have had no issues at all since purchase. The cup is super simple to use and it is comfortable to wear. I can do all of my usual activities including exercise without being uncomfortable and without having to worry about leaking. I am 26, sexually active with no children and Size 1 seems to be the correct size for me. Would highly recommend to all of my lady friends!

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By (FORSTER, Australia) on 07 Nov. 2018 (Lunette menstrual cup Cynthia purple - Size 1) :


This cup is awesome. It is my second cup, and I much prefer this brand. I am not sure if it is because I am more confident in using, or it is actually better suited to my body, but I find this cup super easy to use. When first using a cup I found it messy and difficult, especially in a public toilet. But I am fine with it now, and time it so I shouldn't ever have to change unless at home or a self contained bathroom with tap. So if a cup doesn't work for you, try a different size or a different cup. It's worth it! And much better for your body.

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By (Gerringong, Australia) on 07 Nov. 2018 (Lunette menstrual cup Cynthia purple - Size 1) :

Best purchase ever! Get one... now

I had been tossing up whether to purchase a menstrual cup for a while to reduce my waste and after scrolling reviews opted to go with this one. Bit of background, I am 31 and sexually active, but haven't had kids, so I ignored the size suggestion of the larger size and went with this one and am very glad I did. Was so simple to insert, literally took 30 seconds to work it out and haven't had a single issue. I find it easiest to do a low squat when inserting. I wore a panty liner the first day as I was worried and soon realised that I didn't need to. I already had a pretty good idea of my flow based on tampon use and knew that I wouldn't have to empty at work and best thing is I can use at night so no more icky pads! Note you will need access to tap when emptying and re-inserting for cleanliness and at night I usually do in the shower. Don't hesitate to get one, from reviews I have read you might need to try a few brands and maybe I fluked it with this one, but go with it!

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