Lunette menstrual cup Cynthia purple - Size 2

The Lunette is an easy-to-use, safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to feminine care. o select a cup suited to your body shape please see our menstrual cup sizing chart.

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The Lunette menstrual cup is an easy-to-use, safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to feminine care.

Read the following for comparisons, instuctions and general information to help you choose which menstrual cup is right for you.

An alternative to disposable sanitary pads and tampons, this simple silicone device is hygienic and convenient.

you are making a difference:

  • With proper care, this reusable product can last at least 5-10 years, meaning substantially less waste ending up in landfill. More than 660 million disposable feminine products end up in landfill every year in Australia alone, plus the packaging associated with disposables. They take a considerable amount of time to biodegrade and can also end up in our waterways, oceans and beaches.


  • Soft and flexible, making the Lunette very comfortable to wear. Doesn’t change the body's natural moisture level.
  • Easy-to-use and comfortable, needs emptying only 2-4 times a day, depending on your individual flow. Can be used during the night, up to a maximum of 12 hours.
  • Cost effective, this product can last at least 5-10 years.
  • Safe, made from 100% medical grade silicone. Hypoallergenic and latex-free.
  • The lining of the cup is smooth for ease of cleaning.
  • Can be used during all physical activities including swimming.
  • Comes with it's own attractive storage bag and full instructions.
  • Made in Finland.


  • Normally it takes several menstrual cycles to learn to use the menstruation cup, but some women succeed in using the cup right from the start. Please read the comprehensive instructions sent with the cup carefully.
  • Sterilise the cup in a large amount of water according to instructions provided. The cup should be in boiling water for at least 2 minutes.
  • With washed hands, fold the cup in half, and then in half again.
  • Guide the folded end into the vagina past the pubic bone and then allow to pop open fully.
  • To remove, break the seal by squeezing the bottom part of the cup, hold upright to avoid spilling the contents. Never pull the cup down in an open position, holding it only by the tab!
  • Rinse the cup in cold water, then wash carefully in hot water with mild and perfume-free washing liquid or soap, and re-insert it. From time to time it is okay to wipe the cup with toilet paper.
  • Wash the Lunette menstrual cup carefully after its last use during your period and store it, properly ventilated, in its own storage bag.
  • NOT to be used during post-natal bleeding due to the vagina being inflamed from childbirth.
  • You can also use reusable menstrual cloths as a backup for heavy flow days.

which size to choose:

  • The Lunette is available in two sizes, most woman can use either size, but one may be more comfortable than the other. To select a cup suited to your body shape please see our menstrual cup sizing chart.
  • As a general rule, the size 2 is best for a heavier flow, the size 1 for a lighter flow.
  • Muscles can lose elasticity with age, and unless you are very active at strengthening your core muscles (through activities such as yoga or pilates), the size 2 cup a better choice for most adult women.
  • If you have ever been pregnant, due to hormonal changes the size 2 is also recommended.
  • The size 1 Lunette may suit you depending on the position of your cervix. With a thoroughly washed finger you can try if you can reach your cervix during menstruation. If your cervix sits very low, it is better to choose the smaller Lunette.
  • Image shows size 2, size one looks very similar with a slightly longer tab and shorter cup.

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By on 11 Apr. 2019 (Lunette menstrual cup Cynthia purple - Size 2) :

Its changed my life! Its worth a try

I am the type of person that hates buying staples like toilet paper and onions and when I had a baby I would get really stressed about running out of nappies so I quickly put her in cloth and loved it. Now I've taken the leap and tried the cup for my periods I regret never knowing about them before! I'll admit its not for everyone and you really have to know your body and do your research to make sure you get the right fit but if you do decide to give it a go then at least try it for 3 months or more till you get comfortable putting it in, check out the different folds on youtube ! I love not having to change a tampon every 4 hours!

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By on 07 Nov. 2018 (Lunette menstrual cup Cynthia purple - Size 2) :

Ridges can be uncomfortable, I turned mine inside out.

Bought the size 2 about 6 months ago. I found that the ridges irritated when doing vigorous exercise such as cycling. I ended up cutting the stem completely down and filing off. This helped but I still found the side ridges irritating, though i daresay not everyone would find this to be a problem. In the end I turned the whole thing inside out and with the smooth walls it worked much better, albeit being a little harder to grab hold of.
On days of heavy periods it leaked a bit and I found that it could fill within 2 hrs sometimes. I have ended up wearing protection underneath as in my case it seems to leak a little no matter what despite holding back the bulk of the flow.

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By on 07 Nov. 2018 (Lunette menstrual cup Cynthia purple - Size 2) :

Fantastic cup!

I switched over from JuJu (which was constantly clogging up in the holes and leaking) to a Lunette cup, and I'm so happy with it! The stem shape, being that it's flat, is a fantastic improvement on other cups. As long as I make sure the flat sides are parallel to my body, I haven't had any issues with it. I did cut it down slightly. I also purchased the size 2 rather than 1, as my period is heavy, so I can go for longer periods of time without emptying the cup! This does mean the cup is a little more awkward to insert and remove, and being that the cup is fairly stiff, this causes a bit of discomfort, but I can live with that!

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