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All the microfibre cloths you need to clean your house without chemical cleaners and in half the time. You save $10 as the pack is valued at $60.

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The starter pack of 3 cloths is a great way to see how effectively the cloths dust, clean and polish. You will soon be upgrading to the Convert Your Life pack as these cloths are so impressive!!

you are making a difference:

  • Drastically reduce your water use for cleaning. With these microfibre cloths you can clean your whole house using only a few litres of cold water (as opposed to approximately 50L of water when using chemical cleaning products).
  • A home free from toxic cleaning products is healthier for you and the planet.
  • Manufacturing cleaning products uses petrochemicals and creates pollution. By not using cleaning products, you’ll be reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Don’t waste another minute spraying, rinsing off chemicals, scrubbing, lugging bottles and buckets around or agonising over which chemical cleaners.
  • Chi cloths use the most advanced microfibre technology - an 'ultra' microfibre. The structure of this 'ultra' microfibre makes it approximately 20 times more absorbent than the cheap microfibres available in supermarkets, with a greater capacity to hold dirt and water.
  • The microfibre lifts dirt particles into the fibre and traps them until the cloth is washed. Normal cloths simply push the dirt around.
  • The cloths will last for years, as they are guaranteed for 300 machine washes.
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The pack contains four cloths:

  • Two all purpose cleaning cloths (one blue and one pink)
  • One glass/mirror cloth (green)

Great for cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces, as well as dusting, polishing and cleaning glass and mirrors. No inside surfaces will miss out!

how to use:

  • Follow the directions for each individual cloth listed on the Biome Living web site.
  • A hot soapy wash is important to release the dirt trapped in the fibres and to reinvigorate the cloth. Alternatively, you may like to soak the cloth in a bucket of hot water and then wash with your cold clothes wash.


All cloths are 40cm x 40cm

  • Shop by your values Plastic free
By on 14 Apr. 2015 :
Title : Good value and quality
Comment : I bought this pack and found all of the cloths to be of good quality and very useful. The two multipurpose cloths are handy on all surfaces, the glass and mirror cloth works really well and doesn't leave streaks, and the duster is the best duster I've used (it doesn't push the dust around - picks it all up). They're easy to clean in the washing machine. Aside from the duster, I tend to use them all with a bit of non-chemical spray cleaner and water. Well-made and long lasting.
(Chi value pack - get started cloths)
By on 31 Oct. 2014 :
Title : Awesome cleaning clothes
Comment : These clothes are one of my favourite cleaning clothes. The duster cloth is fantastic and I use it all the time for dusting. It picks up dust so well and it great for dusting window blinds. The all purpose clothes I use for general cleaning and they are used lots and work great. The glass /mirror cloth is just perfect for cleaning what it is meant to do ie. glass/mirrors as it does not leave streaks. The fact they are colour coded also makes it hassle free cleaning.
(Chi value pack - get started cloths)
By on 22 Oct. 2014 :
Title : Great for chem free cleaning.
Comment : I use these with just water or natural home made cleaning products and I have never had a mess I haven't been able to clean, these work really well and they're not grabby at your skin like many microfibre cloths can be.
(Chi value pack - get started cloths)

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