Value pack - floor system

A great value pack to get you started with a chemical free, water saving floor mopping system. Best of all, you can clean the floors in half the time! Save $10 off the price of buying items individually.

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No more pushing dirt around! This floor mopping system leaves a hygienic residue-free surface that is almost dry. Throw away your buckets! .

you are making a difference:

  • A home free from toxic cleaning products is healthier for you and the planet.
  • Manufacturing cleaning products uses petrochemicals and creates pollution. By not using cleaning products, you’ll be reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  • The mop pole and head has an extendable handle and swivel head which allows you to reach under furniture and into high places.
  • This floor cleaning system comes with two types of mop pads: a wet pad and a dry pad.
  • Heavy duty pads for outdoor use are also available at an additinoal cost of $20.00.
  • Use the wet pad for washing polished floors, tiles, vinyl, lino, cork, slate, walls, and ceilings.
  • Use the dry pad for sweeping floors, dusting walls, ceilings, architraves, under furniture. The pads are oversized which makes them perfect for corners and difficult-to-reach places. Pet owners and renovators love them! A great way to clean wood in preparation for painting and varnishing.
  • The microscopic fibres actually lift the dirt and bacteria into the pads leaving a brilliant finish to surfaces.

how to use:

  • Wet pads: Use the pad damp and well wrung out. If you have a large area and the mop becomes a little dry you simply splash half a cup of water on the floor and continue mopping. If you encounter an extra dirty patch simply apply some pressure with your foot on the head of the mop. If the floors are particularly dirty you may need to remove the pad, rinse in hot water, and then proceed with your mopping.
  • Dry Pads: Dust clings to the pad so rooms are fresher and healthier. Shake dust off the pad between uses, or when dust is ingrained, use a hot soapy wash.
  • Laundering: use a hot, soapy wash and rinse well.
By on 01 June 2018 :
Title : Good for pet hair
Comment : Helps to keep on top of pet hair on my tiled floors as a quick alternative to a full vacuum.
(Value pack - floor system)
By on 17 Dec. 2017 :
Title : Great mop system
Comment : This system works really well. It's really easy to use and clean, and is compact to store.
(Value pack - floor system)
By on 08 March 2017 :
Title : Lasts really well
Comment : I purchased this floor system many years ago now - probably 4/5 years and it is great! It's a fairly simple design and concept but I love it and the cloths have lasted really well, I haven't had to replace them at all and they don't show much sign of wear.
(Value pack - floor system)
By on 14 Apr. 2015 :
Title : Great value and mop heads very good but the mop was a bit flimsy
Comment : I use these constantly - they work really well and the mop heads are quick to clean in the washing machine. It all packs away neatly too. I found the mop itself to be a bit flimsy, but I bought this 1-2 years ago, and the mop I have looks different from that pictured here so it may be better now. I generally clean just with vinegar or some non-chemical cleaner and water. It's really quick and effective.
(Value pack - floor system)
By on 31 Oct. 2014 :
Title : Mop system that really works
Comment : I love this mop system. I use the dry mop for dusting and it works brilliantly. the wet mop for mopping (it is fantastic and does not waste water which for us is a necessity). The heavy duty mop I use in our bathroom/toilet areas that are tiled. One of the best things about this mop is the swivel head and which swivels low so it fits under our ensemble beds (so makes dusting/cleaning the bedroom floors a breeze).
(Value pack - floor system)

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