Village rolemodels, Tracey Bailey, eco-retail business director

Village rolemodels, Tracey Bailey, eco-retail business director

What is a ‘Eco-retail business director”

It involves hands-on management of our store operations, online shop and staffing through to marketing and strategic development.


What training or qualifications do you need to fill this role?

You need experience across all facets of business management, plus in-depth knowledge of the environment and sustainable living.  


What are the key skills and responsibilities of the role?

Communication!  Whether written, spoken or smoke signals.   Everything I do requires careful attention to what and how I am communicating, including being ultra-web savvy.


How did you get involved in your profession?

I was working as a public relations consultant and I wanted to direct my career towards doing something meaningful to preserve our planet.  I also had a strong desire to build my own business, so the combination led me to create the Biome eco-store concept.


Could you break into the industry in other ways?

You could certainly work your way up in the retail industry.  However, starting your own business requires a willingness to work very long hours with little reward plus some financial capital to get you started.


What do you hope to achieve within your industry?

To help as many people as we can make the everyday simple choices that our planet needs us to.  We also want to show that it is possible to build a retail business that is truly sustainable, ethical and profitable.


Are you in the industry for the long term?

Yes, because I am working for something that is such a deep part of my values I know that I will always be involved with making a difference for our environment.


What advice would you give someone looking to emulate your success?

Be much better organised than I am and be fastidious with using a diary to manage your life (I aspire to do this).  Show compassion towards everyone you interact with and read, particularly on the internet as it is an incredible resource.


What was your first paid job?

Delivering junk mail on my bicycle—which is ironic given what I now think of junk mail!


What would you love to do if you weren't in this role?

Work with the wonderful people who are helping to save our planet’s endangered species, like the orangutans in Indonesia.


What inspires you?

Having the freedom to be able to choose, and helping to protect the planet so that our children can experience the wonders that we have been privileged to.


Who is your role model and why?

Anyone who is happy—particularly those people who have overcome great obstacles and still find it within themselves to be happy.


What are your words of wisdom (or your fortune cookie saying)?

Two wrongs do not make a right.  This can guide so many of your life decisions—it takes courage to do what is best for our society and planet, rather than follow the ‘wrong’ practice just because others have.



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