Natural Goodies (and green weddings)

Natural Goodies (and green weddings)

Despairing about the state of the environment, Tracey Bailey chose "to find a way to be part of the solution". In 2004, Tracey, now 38, started online eco-store Biome, which sells a range of environmentally sound products, and now she gives advice on how to have an eco-friendly wedding. The Brisbane mother of two spoke to WHO.

What is an eco-friendly wedding?

You simply need to let the environment have a voice in each decision you make, from using natural fabrics to serving locally-grown food. (

What are Biome's most popular products?
Shower timers and chemical-free homewares like organic cotton bed linen. Cloth nappies are making a comeback, too.

What do you do to help the environment?
Our family tries to consume fewer resources and send as little as possible to landfill.