Wrappa Organic Cotton Vegan Wax Wrap - Set of 3

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Instead of beeswax wraps, we have these amazing plant based vegan reusable food wraps made from cotton, two plant waxes (candelilla and non-GMO soy), tree resin and jojoba oil.  No more wrapping food in plastic that you use and throwaway!

Three pack consists of 1 x 35cm and 2 x 25cm squares.

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These vegan wraps have a special blend of plant oils to create a flexible, slightly self-sticking reusable wrap for storing and packing food.

Wrap your fruit and veggies in the fridge, cover vegan cheese, fermented foods, wrap sandwiches, cover salad bowls. Use to stop your cutting board from slipping on the bench. Roll pastry or dough on top of them. Make fun little snack bags with the kids.

Please make your preferred pattern selection - if we are not able to supply your selection we will let you know.

We also offer an individual large size vegan reusable wrap here >

you are making a difference:

  • Reduce your plastic consumption, saving landfill, contamination and wasted resources
  • Handmade in Australia by an ethical small business
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Organic cotton uses less water during farming and is not sprayed with pesticides, insecticides or herbicides


  • Perfect for leftovers, lunches and outdoor eating to keep food fresh
  • Easily wraps around food items, plates and bowls, etc.
  • Use the warmth of your hand to help edges stick to the wrap or container
  • With daily use stains and creases may appear, but do not affect the function of the wrap.  Avoid prolonged exposure to oily or greasy foods to minimise staining


1 x 35cm and 2 x 25cm squares

100% GOTS certified organic cotton, candelilla wax, non-GMO soy* wax, damar tree resin and jojoba oil.

*About the soy: The soy used in these wraps is non GMO and is grown on existing plantations in the USA (meaning it does not cause deforestation in South America).

Care tips:

Your vegan wraps will last for 6 to 12 months depending on use and care.  Unlike beeswax, it is not as easy to "refresh" the wraps with additional melted wax.  Avoid hot water and other heat sources. The tree resin provides some natural anti-bacterial properties.

  • Do not expose to heat or hot water. Just wipe with a dishcloth and diluted dishwater if necessary. 
  • To store, fold or roll wraps and keep in a dry, cool place
  • Avoid all heat sources including dishwasher, microwave, hot surfaces & steam

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By on14 Nov. 2019 :
Title : So cute!
Comment : These wraps are so cute and handy.
(Wrappa Organic Cotton Vegan Wax Wrap - Set of 3)
By on08 Aug. 2019 :
Title : Wonderful Wraps
Comment : It was a huge surprise on how well these wraps took to the job of keeping leftovers covered and even wrapping food directly. I was a bit skeptical, but wanting to stop the use of plastic wrap in the kitchen was a priority. Everyone in the household uses them now. They are simple to clean (we just wipe them down with a dish cloth + lukewarm/cold soapy water, then let dry) and although a bit stiff to work with in the beginning they become easier to use (and stickier) the more you handle them. Would definitely recommend this brand to anyone making the switch from plastic to reusable.
(Wrappa Organic Cotton Vegan Wax Wrap - Set of 3)
By on01 Aug. 2019 :
Title : Brilliant
Comment : These are fantastic, I tried the beeswax versions in the past and they were pretty good but I much prefer these ones. I find them stickier and easier to keep clean, and vegan too! Highly recommend.
(Wrappa Organic Cotton Vegan Wax Wrap - Set of 3)

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