Ecostore dish scrubber brush head

Brush with plant bristles to scrub away chemicals and dirt from veggies or for washing up. Also replacement head for EcoStore scrubber.

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Wooden brush to scrub away chemicals and dirt from veggies or use for washing up.

Made from plantation beech and plant fibre bristles.

Dimensions: 5cm x 6cm.

Can be used alone for washing up or as a replacement head for the EcoStore dish scrubber.

  • Shop by your values Made in Australia, Ethically sourced, Plastic free
By on 03 Sept. 2018 :
Title : Lasted my ages
Comment : This lasted a good 6 months before it needed replacing. Make sure to keep it dry between uses. No bad smells, unlike sponge copies. Soft brush so if using it on tough food stains soak them first then try scrubbing. Toss it in the compost at the end of its life.
(Ecostore dish scrubber brush head)
By on 18 Feb. 2018 :
Title : Gentle brush
Comment : These heads are suitable for soft brushing, in the way that a sponge would wipe more than scrub.
(Ecostore dish scrubber brush head)
By on 14 Dec. 2017 :
Title : Works well
Comment : I found this to be a bit better than the alternative brand I used before. Like previous comments said it is a little bit too soft for tough caked on stains, but for general dishes it works really well!
(Ecostore dish scrubber brush head)
By on 25 Feb. 2017 :
Title : A bit soft
Comment : I found this brush head to be a bit soft so it squished out of shape quite quickly. Great for general cleaning, not so good for scrubbing dirty dishes with caked on food.
(Ecostore dish scrubber brush head)
By on 16 Nov. 2016 :
Title : Clean dishes!
Comment : I've found these replacement heads work well with both Ecostore and Redecker brands of cleaning brushes. They do the job nicely and I've found these replacement brush heads last about 6 months or so before they are past their best. You can thrown them into your compost bin when you've finished with them!
(Ecostore dish scrubber brush head)

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