Brown paper Tyvek insulated lunch bag

A modern reinvention of the classic brown paper lunch bag that won't split in the rain or lose it's bottom.  Made from Tyvek, an incredibly strong material that is tear-proof, waterproof, leak-resistant and insulated.  Each bag is fitted with a fold-down double magnet closure to help insulate and keep the contents snug inside.

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A modern reinvention of the classic brown paper lunch bag that won't split in the rain or lose it's bottom.  

The iconic brown paper lunch bag has been reinvented to be tear-proof, waterproof, leak-resistant, padded and insulated! Each bag is also fitted with a fold-down double magnet closure to help insulate and keep the contents snug inside. 

Perfect for toting food and drinks for lunch, picnics, festivals and more, and if you're feeling creative the exterior can be customised with pens to make your brown paper bag one of a kind.

you are making a difference:

  • By reusing rather that buying disposable plastic alternatives.
  • Tyvek is an incredibly strong material that resists tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns giving the bag incredible strength.  It is also made from 25% recycled content, and is recyclable at the end of it's useful life.


  • Large and roomy size to easily fit your waste-free lunch wraps & containers
  • Tear-proof & leak-resistant
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Insulated to keep contents warm/cool
  • Magnetic roll-down closure


23cm L x 20cm H x 15cm gusset.

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By on 15 March 2018 :
Title : Gotta put it to the test
Comment : This is a great reusable insulated bag option, because classic design really appeals to me. I only use mine for loose leaf spinach transport from the supermarket because I'm a little scared of putting anything to heavy in it. The construction seems great so far though!
(Brown paper Tyvek insulated lunch bag)
By on 29 Jan. 2018 :
Title : The BEST lunch bag!
Comment : This is literally the BEST lunch bag! Our staff room has over 150 staff coming and going and every seems to have those horrible insulated bags from Kmart and can't tell them apart - mine is always so easy to spot, gets loads of compliments and does precisely what it's meant to do. You can't ask for much more than that!
(Brown paper Tyvek insulated lunch bag)
By on 25 Nov. 2017 :
Title : A hit with my teenage son
Comment : Teenagers don't like taking lunchboxes to school it is not cool. When I saw this one on the website, I thought I would give it a try. My teenager thinks it is funky and does not mind taking a brown paper bag to school with his lunch.
(Brown paper Tyvek insulated lunch bag)
By on 13 June 2017 :
Title : Best lunch bag I've owned
Comment : I have had my lunch bag for over a year now, and although its ripped a bit on the inside from heavy use, it still does the job and I get compliments on it all the time. I love it because its adaptable - it fits every different type of container I have, and folds away to nothing when I don't need it.
(Brown paper Tyvek insulated lunch bag)
By on 21 Apr. 2017 :
Title : Not a fan
Comment : I really like the look of the bag and that it wasn't plastic, however it became very misshapen and weak after a few uses. I don't really use it anymore.
(Brown paper Tyvek insulated lunch bag)
By on 08 Jan. 2017 :
Title : Love this!
Comment : I recently purchased this lunch bag and I'm really pleased with it overall! The exterior is definitely not paper (even though it looks like it, which is really cool) and it seems to be really durable. The magnetic close top is a great feature that ensures your lunch will stay in the bag, instead of eventually unravel and spill everywhere.
(Brown paper Tyvek insulated lunch bag)
By on 22 Dec. 2016 :
Title : Brilliant!
Comment : Big fan of this. I've had mine for over a year now and I love it. It's the perfect size for a good lunch and even some snacks, keeps things fresh because of the insulation, looks good, and is very easy to clean - I just wipe it out with a damp cloth and a tiny bit of detergent if necessary. No problems with smells or wear and tear. I may even buy some more for friends and family as they all love it (and borrow it).
(Brown paper Tyvek insulated lunch bag)
By on 31 Oct. 2016 :
Title : Love my Lunch Bags!
Comment : These are the best lunch bags I've ever owned. I tried one and was so impressed I very recently went on to buy 6 more for the rest of my family! They are surprisingly lightweight, strong and well made, not at all bulky and yet fit a full man-sized packed lunch inside comfortably. I also love the retro style!
(Brown paper Tyvek insulated lunch bag)
By on 10 Dec. 2015 :
Title : My new fav lunch bag
Comment : Insulates well and is kinda funky and retro.
(Brown paper Tyvek insulated lunch bag)
By on 19 Oct. 2014 :
Title : I seriously am in love!
Comment : I was searching for an answer for my little kindergartener and was wishing something like this existed. Having purchased a tyvek wallet for my husband years ago, I figured it would be perfect for the job. Imagine my excitement when I found this! At such an amazing price! Boy, was I happy and still am after a few months of use. He has drawn all over it and it has shown no signs of wear. All I do is put a bit of warm water in the bottom and a touch of detergent, scrunch the top and give it a shake then prop it upside down to dry. I am so very happy with this product!
(Brown paper Tyvek insulated lunch bag)

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