Mad Millie Handcrafted Traditional Gin Kit

DIY Gin kit to make your own blend of handcrafted Gin. Kit contains all you need to transform ordinary vodka into London Dry style gin, with a mix of juniper berries, coriander, liquorice root and citrus peels. Pair with tonic or soda for a refreshing mixer brimming with aromatics and spices. 

So, what is the difference between gin and vodka?  FInd out below!

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you are making a difference:

  • New Zealand company with a passion and love for all things delicious and handcrafted
  • Making your own with reusable packaging saves waste and preserves resources

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each kit includes:

  • 1 L Infusion Jar with Lid.
  • 2 x 500 ml Gin Bottles with Cork Lids.
  • Stainless Steel Funnel.
  • 2 x Bottle Labels.
  • Filter Paper.
  • Traditional Botanical Blend.

1L of vodka to be purchased separately.

What is the difference between gin and vodka?

The simple explanatation is that gin is a flavoured vodka.  To be vodka, the spirit needs to be clear and flavourless so that it does not add any flavour to the drink.  Even though it is neutral, it is still one of the most popular spirits in the world - particulary in Russia!  The name vodka comes from the Russian word for water. Vodka, and gin for that matter, can be made from just about anything...wheat, sorghum, grapes, carrots, corn, potatoes...

Gin is distinguished by juniper flavour and any mix of herbs and spices.  In the case of this Mad Millie Gin Kit, this is considered a "compounded gin" whereby a neutral base spirit is mixed with juniper berries and other aromatics.  A London Dry style gin is without any sweetness.  Gin originated in Holland where it was used as medicinal spirit.  The English adopted it with a vengence and hence the name "Dutch courage"!

The Mad Millie Gin Kit is packed in New Zealand from imported and local components. 

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By on 19 Dec. 2017 :
Title : Looks promising - eager to get started
Comment : just given as an early Christmas present so we can have some Christmas cheer ready, unfortunately someone packing forgot to put in the magic ingredients. No Juniper = no gin, just vodka. When I get my botanicals, I will give a report. Also, do you supply refills?
(Mad Millie Handcrafted Traditional Gin Kit)

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