Worm habitat 240L wheelie bin kit with 1000 worms

The Worm Habitat 240L wheelie bin kit is a perfect compost solution for families or small businesses. Worm farming is an excellent, fun & easy way to reduce your waste. High quality and user friendly design. Please note these worms cannot ship to WA. *see below regarding freight costs.

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The Worm Habitat 240L wheelie bin kit is a perfect compost solution for families or small businesses.

Worm farming is an excellent, fun & easy way to reduce your household, school or business waste. The castings and worm juice produced as a result will work wonders in your garden - converts have proclaimed that there is no better liquid fertiliser or soil conditioner than that produced by the humble earthworm.

how does Worm Habitat work?

The worm habitat wheelie bin works on a 'never fill' system which sets it apart from cheaper tray systems in it's user-friendliness. Comprehensive instructions on how to use the worm farm and settle the worms in are included, but the basics are very simple:

  1. Lift the lid and any top covering, scatter food in a layer onto the top, add a little moistened potting mix or soil to cover the layer, and then replace top covering and lid. 
  2. Flush the system with water once a week and collect any worm juice from the drainage tap.
  3. Once castings begin to accumulate harvest these easily through the porthole.

what can I feed my worms?

Worms love a variety of organic waste such as: kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, paper, cardboard, teabags, dairy, eggs, eggshells, grass clippings, garden waste, vacuum cleaner dust, hair & much more. Worms will tolerate only small amounts of onion, citrus, wheat, garlic and meats. The amount of food your worms can eat will increase over time - start with small amounts and build up as your worm population grows.

you are making a difference:

  • An average 60% of landfill waste is organic and easily compostable, however the anaerobic process produces harmful methane gas. Worm farming reduces these emissions, landfill and returns the organic matter to the earth.
  • Garden organically and replace chemical fertilisers with worm castings & worm juice to feed your plants & soil.
  • Australian local business awarded for excellence in sustainability.


  • Strong, sturdy with high capacity.
  • 1000 worms plus bedding block included.Please note that worms are posted seperately once the habitat had been delivered. Please contact us to confirm receipt of habitat and despatch of the worms. 
  • User friendly design - no tray lifting or rotating. Easy to harvest liquid and castings.
  • Side vents provide oxygen rich environment, allow air flow & keep unwanted pests out.
  • Screw-out porthole allows easy access to castings.
  • Perforated suspended internal base allows liquid to pass through the system whilst keeping it oxygenated.
  • Tap fitting allows easy draining of liquid, an over-flow system prevents worms from drowning if too much liquid accumulates.
  • Easily relocatable with sturdy wheels.
  • High quality construction, made in Australia.
  • Each component is recyclable at the end of it's life.
  • 100% recycled/recyclable packaging including plastics.
  • Comprehensive instructions, information, hints & tips included.
  • *We cannot ship this item to WA due to quarantine regulations, therefore we recommend WA customers source worms from local suppliers.


240 litre capacity

shipping charges:

Due to the size and weight of the Worm Habitat, addtional shipping charges will apply. Either contact us prior to ordering or we will be provide you with a quote for approval after you have placed an order. A minimum charge of $100 will apply at checkout but this is not a final quote. Please note that these habitats must be shipped and are not available for pickup.

Please note that worms will not be posted towards the end of the week to ensure they are not in transit or held over the weekend. Similarly high temperature conditions may cause shipment delays. As high temperatures can distress and possibly kill the worms.

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