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Glass is greener with the BBBYO 'Save our Ocean' glass water bottle.  Not only does glass deliver a clean, pure taste it is also BPA free and infinitely recyclable, reducing plastic pollution in our waterways. Includes a neoprene cover for protection, portablilty and insulation to keep drinks both cool & warm. 750ml capacity.

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Glass is greener with the BBYO 'Save our Ocean' glass water bottle.

Made from durable heat resistant borosilicate glass with a 'Save our Ocean's' etching and a leak-proof screw top cap.  Includes a quality neoprene cover that will protect your bottle from knocks and drops and keep drinks cool or warm.

you are making a difference:

  • Australian company committed to coastal conservation & keeping plastic and textile waste out of our oceans.
  • Reusing a quality water bottle prevents unnecessary waste from polluting the environment.
  • Glass is infinitely recyclable, reducing plastic pollution in our landfill and waterways.


  • Easy to clean - dishwasher safe (bottle).
  • Glass is taste neutral, non-porous and won't leach harmful toxins.
  • Heat resistant borosilicate glass is suitable for warm beverages.  Not suitable for boiling temperatures.
  • Leaf-proof screw top cap.
  • Quality neoprene cover with zip and carry handle. Machine washable.
  • Neoprene cover will protect from knocks & drops and insulate to keep drinks warm & cool.
  • 750ml capacity.

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By on07 July 2019 :
Title : Great in theory... poorly designed
Comment : I loved having a glass drink bottle, clean tasting water, easy to clean. Didn’t have any taste/smell problems with my lids like others reported. BUT the first one I dropped about 10cm as I was picking it up, it shattered. Hats off to the company, they replaced it for free despite it being my fault. Second one, had it in my nappy bag, found it shattered, no idea how. Flawed design. Ever looked at a glass bottle of coke, beer? Noticed that the bottom is much thicker than the sides? Obviously this is the impact zone! This bottle is just as thin on the bottom as it is on the sides - why?! The neoprene cover is great but a huge weak point is obviously the bottom edges, this is where the neoprene is stitched, making it super thin therefore providing next to no protection. Again the bottom of the case isn’t any thicker than the sides. A few pretty simple design flaws that until rectified I won’t be paying this much for a drink bottle again.
(BBBYO glass water bottle + cover combo 750ml - tide)
By on14 March 2016 :
Title : will never buy bottled water again
Comment : great quality product. the bottle does not feel overly fragile and the bottle cover is so handy, it's easy to carry it with you everywhere!
(BBBYO glass water bottle + cover combo 750ml - tide)
By on27 March 2017 :
Title : Glass water bottle convert
Comment : I can't say enough good stuff about this water bottle. The glass makes it so easy to clean. It doesn't retain the smell or taste of any juices or other beverages you put in it, and lipstick/chapstick easily comes off the mouth of the bottle. I drink lots of water so this size is good: not too small and yet forces me to get up at work and stretch while I'm refilling. Biome doesn't over-package when shipping, which is also great, and the bottle itself is solid without being unnecessarily heavy.

The pouch is lovely, makes it easy to carry and does a lot in the way of protecting the bottle. I've just bought a replacement bottle after accidentally dropping my backpack on the road and smashing the first one on the one day I didn't have the case on. I had dropped it many times before without smashing it so it's a credit to the bottle for lasting through my clumsiness as long as it did. Luckily Biome retains a list of your old purchases so I could just come back and buy the bottle separately in the same size. Also a good thing that glass is recyclable!

The one cautionary note I'll make is to be careful drinking from it while driving; the glass on the mouth of the bottle is very solid and I've nearly taken out my front teeth many times from my clumsy water chugging.

(BBBYO glass water bottle + cover combo 750ml - tide)

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