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Bee Seed Bombs are balls of organic matter impregnated with flower seeds that will blossom into beautiful flowers and feed our little friends, the bees, while brightening up your day. Simply toss anywhere that needs a spash of colour and watch them bloom. Contains a mix of organic annuals to be sewn in summer. 6 seed bombs in a linen drawstring bag. 

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Bees are one of the most important creatures on our planet and we rely on them for almost two thirds of our food. Bee populations are under threat due to the use of agricultural chemicals including the ones we use in our own back yards. These seed bombs are designed to provide bees with a healthy habitat so they can collect pollen and nectar for the hive.

Each Bee Seed Bomb contains clay to protect the seeds from birds and insects until germination; organic soil; mushroom fertilizer to give the seeds food; and a seed mix of non invasive species. Varieties include:

  • 'Market Growers' Blue Ageratum
  • 'Crego' Mixed
  • 'Giant Perfection' Asters 
  • 'Forest Fire' Celosia 
  • 'Sensation' Mix Cosmos 
  • Dahlia 'Hi Dolly' 
  • 'Sparky' French Marigold 
  • Mixed Petunias 
  • Mixed California poppies 
  • Mixed California Giant Zinias 

6 Seed Bombs. Each ball is approx. 1 inch in diameter and comes in a beautiful, linen, drawstring bag. Safe to send Australia wide. 

Made in Australia. 

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By on13 Apr. 2019 :
Title : Loved the idea
Comment : Loved the idea of these, but they didn't explode with plants in our flower garden as expected. We had a few seedlings come up, but didn't really survive past the seedling stage, except for 2 plants.
(Lil' Bit Bee Seed Bombs)
By on07 March 2018 :
Title : Cute gift
Comment : Gave some away as stocking fillers and have planted the rest. Just waiting for them to pop up, and excited to see the mix of blooms!
(Lil' Bit Bee Seed Bombs)
By on28 Nov. 2017 :
Title : Help the bees
Comment : I placed these throughout my front yard, which is already quite popular with bees. I found burying them under some soil was more beneficial than simply throwing them onto the top soil like the instructions say. I can see that one has started to germinate, I'm really excited to see what types of flowers pop up.
(Lil' Bit Bee Seed Bombs)

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