U Konserve Divided Big Bowl 100oz 3L Navy Lid

U Konserve

This extra large stainless steel container works as a 3-in-1 solution to carry and serve multiple meals and side dishes. With a removable two and four-section divider, this big bowl is perfect for picnics, beach gatherings, dinner parties, camping trips and school events. 3 litre total capacity with dividers. Navy blue lid.

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  • 12.5 cup/3L/100oz capacity.
  • Leak resistant lid in navy blue.
  • All U Konserve stainless steel is food grade (304).
  • Lids are made from LDPE* recyclable plastic #4.
  • 3-in-1 solution with two removable dividers for two or four compartments.
  • Carry and serve multiple meals and side dishes in one container.
  • Perfect for: Chips and guacamole at a beach party, cupcakes for your child’s classroom, cheeses and bread for your outside guests, cut veggies and dips on a camping trip, or cut fruit at a soccer game.


3L/100oz capacity. 24cm x 9cm.


Dishwasher safe. Should you experience the appearance of "rust" on any stainless steel product, it is more than likely a discoloration or harmless residue left behind from the electro-polishing process. Buff it out with a heavier kitchen scrub brush. Extreme temperature changes might cause lids to crack. We recommend keeping lids out of the freezer.

US company. Products are made responsibly in China or India.

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*What is LDPE plastic? LDPE is Low Density Polyethylene plastic made from petrochemicals that has been found to be stable and generally do not leach chemicals. With the recycling symbol #4, it is readily recycled. It is commonly used for plastic containers, plastic bags and juice and milk cartons (those that look like cardboard, but are actually a liquid packaging board, which is a laminate of paperboard and LDPE (as the water-proof inner and outer layer). LDPE, HDPE, PP, and PET are non-BPA materials. The plastics to avoid are labelled #3, #6, and some types of #7.

Please see full ingredients listed under the More info tab.

By on10 Apr. 2019 :
Title : Keeps fresh
Comment : Keeps food fresh,and it’s quite big. Durable and the lid stays on securely. The divider is easily removable and because of this food will seep into next ‘compartment ‘
(U Konserve Divided Big Bowl 100oz 3L Navy Lid)

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