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JOCO glass coffee cup

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JOCO glass coffee cup reviews

What our team thought

Comfortable to carry, love the glass! - Katrina

The Joco Coffee Cup is very user friendly once you've had practise putting on the lid while full a couple of times. Cafe people are a bit hesitant to put the lid on themselves. I keep the cup in it's own little drawstring bag, in my work bag so it never gets forgotten. It can get transferred to another bag on the weekend if needed and gets washed up while out and about, so it never gets incorporated into the stuff of the household and inevitably left behind. Cleaning is super easy, just needs a rinse if done soon after the drink is finished. It’s comfortable to carry, strong enough to carry in a bag with other things without getting broken. The cup is easy to drink from. I haven't had any spills, yet when you sip from it you get enough out. I love that they’re glass. I've nearly bought plastic eco keep cups but have always resisted because plastic doesn't sit well with me from an eco and a health perspective. So a glass alternative is the perfect solution. For frequent coffee drinkers it is well worth the price. For an infrequent user who is not too bothered about the environmental cost of disposable cups the price may be too high.

Would you suggest any improvements?
Not really. Maybe just some way of being sure that the lid is on properly, but I think it's fine that that is part of the learning curve for the owner of the cup.

Pros: comfortable to carry, easy to clean, love the glass.
Cons: a bit tricky to put the lid on while full.

Would you recommend this product to your friends?
Yes I would. I get just as much enjoyment out of holding and drinking out of the cup as I do drinking the hot chocolate that is inside of it. And it felt really good this morning being in a meeting and having it on the table in company with three other people's coffee cups, all of which were disposable.

Perfect shape and size to fit in my hand and bag - Rhee

The cup is very user friendly. The perfect shape and size to fit in my hand, not too big for my bag and has already been dropped a few times and survived! It is very easy to clean. I prefer to wash the glass by hand and washed the lid in the dishwasher. It is not a large cup and fit easily into my bag (or toddlers back pack!) and car console when we were out and about. I put it in the centre console of my car when I leave the house, as I most often buy hot drinks by going through the drive through. If I then think I will get a take away drink when I arrive somewhere, I just pop the cup in my bag and take it with me. The cup fit easily into my hand and I appreciated that it was not overly large. The lid was easy to put on and I didn’t have any problems with leaks. By using the reusable coffee cup you are reducing the number of disposable coffee cups and lids being produced and sent to landfill. It is also made from glass and not plastic, reducing the amount of plastic products being produced. I also found it handy to use at home while drinking hot drinks around my small child. Less risk of splashes and spills while using the lid.

Would you suggest any improvements?
My toddler loved my cup too and it would be great if they made a child’s version of the cup. I would also love if they made a glass cup that could be used for iced drinks, such as iced coffee, where a straw could be used with the lid.

Pros: very user friendly, easy to clean, fits easily in my hand (not too big), no leaks, lid easy to put on, helping reduce amount of plastic products being produced/sent to landfill.

Would you recommend this product to your friends?
Yes, I plan on buying some cups as gifts. They’re stylish, plastic free and reusable.

Extremely easy to clean, lid fits perfectly, preventing spillages - Rachel

When receiving this cup I thought the price a bit expensive for a little cup. My husband loves his coffee so he was first to use it and absolutely loved it, so easy to make your cappuccinos in, the grip around the glass is great prevents the heat on your hands. It’s extremely easy to clean only need to give a quick rinse. I took it to a café with me, got them to make my coffee in it, I felt really happy that I was not using take away cups, my friends thought the cup was a great idea, as we all try to live greener, the discussion of “If everyone used one of these the amount of rubbish we’d prevent”. This size was just a little small so I would consider getting a larger size. The hardest part for me was trying to remember to take it with me when going out, so whenever I made plans to go out for coffee I grabbed my box with my glass in it, great for keeping safe this gift box it comes with, I pop it straight into my bag. I love that it is so light and the lid fits perfectly and helps to prevent those spillages.

Pros: Extremely easy to clean, no heat on hands, light, lid fits perfectly – preventing spillages
Cons: price, too small, remembering to take with me when going out


Bokashi composting bin

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Bokashi composting kit reviews

What our team thought

Easy to use & returns nutrients to the soil - Polly

The system was easy to put together and the instructions were simple enough to only have to read them once. I was expecting to have to do a lot more, or at least for there to be more steps to follow. However, the system is actually very simple. It’s easy to remember to throw the scraps in the bin. The lid is quite stiff though and not easy to open with one hand so I ended up keeping the scraps in a pile and putting them all in the bin at once rather than as I went. The bin is on the same bench that I chop up food and next to our other bins (which are on the floor) so it was in my line of sight. We have been using the bin for almost a month, putting scraps in it every day, and it still hasn’t filled up, and we have two adults, two children (10 and 12) and a baby under 1 year. The bin didn’t omit odours. If you put you face right near it you can smell a faint odour and there is a fermenting food smell when you take off the lid but other than that it doesn’t smell. This is what I was most worried about as we live in the tropics and there is a window splashback behind the bin, meaning it is occasionally in full sun. Plus we are out all day at work and the house gets very hot during the day.

We have accumulated liquid and used it diluted on our garden several times. It’s possibly too early to say whether the plants have benefitted from the fertiliser, however, my husband is convinced they are growing better – he has been using it on several plants and comparing it to the growth of others of the same species. We have been in our house around a year and our garden is fairly new – not yet established – so it is easy to see which plants are thriving over others.

We have a pile of decomposing vegetation – weeds, clippings etc in the backyard that is very slow to decompose. The bokashi is significantly faster than this. We’ve also had a worm farm and an outside compost bin in the past. The worms didn’t survive in the heat up here and the bin became infested with maggots. It was hard to get my children to take food out the worms after meals too. The compost bin was effective, but also became infested and was outside. The bokashi is infinitely more convenient than either of these systems.

Would you suggest any improvements?
The lid is quite stiff and was a deterrent to my lazy husband – particularly when he tried to open it with one hand (with food scraps in the other). It also collects condensation that can drip off on to your hand as you open it. These are minor inconveniences but if there was some way the lid could have a little trap door to put the scraps in it would make it more convenient to use during meal preparation or in passing after peeling a mandarin etc. Then you could take the main lid off when you had a large amount of food to put in or to mash it down.

Pros: Easy to use, no smell, minimises food waste, returns nutrients to soil, reasonable price.
Cons: The lid is quite stiff, unsure of digging hole in hard soil to put waste.

Would you recommend this product to your friends?
Yes definitely. Particularly those without gardens or in apartments, or who find the concept of a compost or worm farm too labour intensive to set up and maintain.

The liquid makes great fertiliser! - Jessica

Overall, I found the system to be user friendly, the instructions were very clear but felt insufficient. It is a very different system to our normal 'throw veggie scraps in a wooden bin on the kitchen counter, then throw them in the garden when the bucket is full'. It would have been good to have a more comprehensive list of foods that go in the bin. Eg. it said any food scraps could be put in the bin, however I was unsure if that meant hot food from dinner leftovers. Clarifications like that would be useful.

The lid is quite difficult to get off so I ended up placing my scraps in another container throughout the day and emptying that container into the Bokashi after dinner each night.

The bin is too tall to sit on the kitchen bench - too annoying to have to lift it down each time I want to put something in it. I have no room under the kitchen sink to put it. It is in the laundry on the floor as that's a good height for getting the lid off.

The bin doesn’t omit any odours, only a vinegar type smell when the lid is open.

I’ve been using the liquid as fertiliser for two weeks and the plants are looking a lot healthier and one plant which has been struggling is looking stronger. I'm very pleased with the impact it has had upon the garden.

It's nice being able to put scraps in the Bokashi every day without having to run outside in the cold to the compost heap we normally use. It's also good being able to put in things like tea-bags. I didn't know that those could be composted and it's great to be putting less things into the garbage bin. In contrast, the Bokashi system is more maintenance - making sure to add the powder, drain the liquid and compress the contents to squeeze out any liquid. Each system has its pros and cons however I think due to the wider variety of things you can put into the Bokashi, it is my preference.

You can compost almost any food scrap you produce in your kitchen and everything is utilised. I particularly love that tea bags can be put in the bin - so many people churn through tea bags and to be able to compost them is incredible.

I feel the powder coming in plastic packaging and with such a small amount is not environmentally responsible. Also, potentially the bin could be made of a different material aside from plastic? (If it's made of recycled plastic already, that's great, but would be great to use a material that is more easily recycled again, eg. wood/metal).

I would be hesitant to purchase it at this price, particularly seeing that it is just made of plastic. I would be more willing to purchase it if it was made of metal or something more substantial. I would also be more willing if it did not mean committing to buying the composting powder for the life of the product. Once you add up how much you'll spend each year on recycling food scraps, when you can already do so with a compost heap in the backyard it's hard to see why you would invest in the Bokashi.

Having used it however I can definitely see that it is worth the money as it produces great fertiliser, composts so many different food scraps, and particularly in winter, is definitely my preferred system of composting as I can do it inside with a once monthly trip outside to bury it.

Would you suggest any improvements?
1. Make the lid easier to get on and off. It's a deterrent to putting scraps in the bin knowing it is going to take a minute to get the lid off.
2. Put the tap higher up so people who are using the bin on a bench can put a bigger container underneath the spout to drain liquid.
3. Include a larger liquid drain container - I found the liquid in my bin often overflowed from the little container despite draining daily.
4. Print guidelines for what can go in the bin, on the bin lid or side. It takes a while to get your head around what can go in there and explaining it to everyone else you live with. Having instructions on the container itself makes it easier if instructions get misplaced or you go away on holiday etc and don't remember when you come back.
5. Rather than describing the amount of food required to be in the Bokashi before composting powder is put on top (instructions say approx 1 cup of food) it would be better to say, sprinkle powder over each layer of food scraps or each time you put in more than a handful. I'm not about to measure scraps and the more complicated the instructions I gave my housemates, the less interested they were in trying the system out.

Pros: the liquid is great as a fertiliser, no bad odours, great for garden, can compost many types of scraps - even tea bags, can compost inside in Winter without going outside
Cons: lid difficult to get off, bin made of plastic, not enough information on what can and can’t go in bin, liquid container too small, too tall to sit on kitchen bench, ongoing purchase of powder

Would you recommend this product to your friends?
I would recommend it to my friends - however I would only recommend it to those who I know have the cash to maintain the system and a garden that would benefit/be big enough to dig the compost into on a regular basis. Eg. I would recommend to friends with families, a comfortable mortgage and stable jobs but not to my uni friends renting a small flat and working casually.


Loving Earth Chocolate - Caramel

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Loving Earth Raw Vegan chocolate reviews

What our team thought

Rich flavour without being bitter - Iwey

Delicious. It had a rich flavour without being bitter or too sweet. There was no aftertaste and I found it to taste very clean. The texture of the chocolate was very smooth and silky. I loved how it was a softer texture then a standard chocolate bar. I try to eat healthy chocolates and this chocolate definitely ticks all the boxes. Organic, dairy-free and real cacao!! This is the type of healthy chocolate that we should be letting children eat. I like to know that I'm paying for something that high and quality and made well. It makes me feel good about what I'm eating and that I'm helping others in the process. I find that raw chocolates are fantastic for chocolate addictions. They are very satisfying for the most severe chocoholics. I was very content with eating one row at time. Comparable chocolate bars (raw, dairy-free, fair trade) are similar in price and only half the size! Well worth the price!

Would you suggest any improvements?
Nope, it was great.

Pros: organic, dairy-free, real cacao, delicious, rich flavour, not bitter, not too sweet, smooth & silky, well worth the price,
Cons: none

Would you recommend this product to your friends?
Yes. This is an excellent product and I will be recommending it to my chocoholic friends and family. I in fact, I shared this chocolate with a group of friends who helped me gobble it all up! Also, I am known on occasion to snap some photos of loving earth products and hashtag them on Instagram!

Fair trade, quality ingredients - Inese

The texture was nice, it was firm but still melted in your mouth. I did not enjoy the taste of the coconut mylk flavour. I had one bite and didn't want to eat anymore; I actually wanted to spit it out. I'm happy to spend more on products that are fair trade. I usually sway towards good quality chocolate brands. I won’t just buy any brand of chocolate. I was really excited to taste this chocolate but the taste just didn't deliver. I think Loving Earth is a great brand with quality products, so I would still be open to trying other flavors of Loving Earth Chocolate in the hope that they were more enjoyable.

Pros: texture was nice, fair trade, quality ingredients
Cons: not a nice flavour

Would you recommend this product to your friends?
I really like the concept of Loving Earth chocolate, but if I were basing my recommendation solely on this flavor I would not recommend to my friends. I would recommend they try other flavors if they were looking for fair trade chocolate with quality ingredients.

Just the right amount of sweet to bitter cacao ratio with a pleasant aftertaste - Jessica

I liked the taste, just the right amount of sweet to bitter cacao ratio with a pleasant aftertaste. The texture was a little powdery but still smooth. My chocolate had melted during delivery so it wasn't in squares but still tasted great. I aim to support business with ethical practices, and who source sustainable and morally farmed ingredients - and I will boycott those who don't. I aim to invest my money in companies who trade fairly, deal fairly and pay fairly. I would rather pay more for a good quality fair trade product than save a couple dollars on slave labour. I probably wouldn't pay $7.90 for this chocolate on a regular basis, however as I only buy chocolate for special occasions and knowing the fair trade, organic and sustainable products cost more to produce I would choose this product over another less ethical option, despite the price.

Would you suggest any improvements?
Smaller squares would be nice.

Pros: palm oil free, fair trade, ethical practices
Cons: price

Would you recommend this product to your friends?
Definitely. I have in the past and will continue to do so.



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