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Kids Konserve® safe, waste-free lunch range

Australians want lunch packaging options that are reusable and waste-free, but also safe for their children. Many lunch boxes, plastic containers and plastic wraps contain toxins, Bisphenol A (BPA), PVC, lead and phthalates.


A favourite in the US, Kids Konserve is now available in Australia. Kids Konserve offers a complete line of reusable food storage from waste-free lunch kits to individual reusable containers and stainless steel water bottles, all made from safe, non-leaching materials.


# BPA free, lead free, PVC free and phthalate free

# made from eco-friendly materials that stand up to the rigors of repeated use

# fun, colorful and appealing to kids

# loved by parents because it is convenient and saves money


In the US, one child generates an average of 30kgs of lunchtime rubbish per school year. Kids Konserve Founders, Chance Claxton and Lynn Julian, were driven to help solve this problem. Join Kids Konserve's mission to help parents, schools and kids take action for the planet.


Here is a selection of the Kids Konserve range:

Kids Konserve waste free lunch kit - Butterfly Kids Konserve waste free lunch kit - Caterpillar


ice pack

Kids Konserve waste free lunch kit - Signature

Ice pack with cover made from recycled plastic bottles - "sweat-free", non toxic

food kozy
food kozy

Food Kozy sandiwch wrap - green

Food Kozy sandwich wrap - orange


Insulated lunch bag - beach

cover made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles

Insulated lunch bag - moss

cover made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles


Stainless steel bottle 470ml (Butterfly) with screw top lid and carabiner clip

Stainless steel bottle 470ml (Caterpillar) with screw top lid and carabiner clip

Stainless steel bottle 470ml (Logo) with screw top lid and carabiner clip Stainless steel bottle 590ml (Logo) with screw top lid and carabiner clip
drinking lidstainless steel thermos
Leak proof sports top with pull top spout and cover. Fits all Kids Konserve bottles. Stainless steel insulated thermos
stainless steel ministainless_steel_container
Mini stainless steel containers set of 3, with stainless steel lids Round stainless steel container with leak proof, BPA free plastic lid
 Replacement lids available for the round container.

stainless steel container

Stainless steel nesting trio with leak-proof BPA free plastic lids  








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May 17 - 8.5 PET plastic bottles are used to make each Kids Konserve Insulated Lunch Bag. Plastics are only a valuable resource if they are recycled. Be sure to recycle all your PET plastic bottles in Australia, so they have the chance at another life as a useful consumer item.


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With a simple decision on lunch boxes and how to pack a lunch, you can: help the planet by opting for long lasting and resource-efficient materials, reduce waste going to landfill, protect your health by avoiding toxic plastics, and save a little cash by reusing instead of buying disposable plastics.

One of the nasties to avoid when choosing a lunch box, is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Often on a soft shiny plastic lunch box (often the grey plastic inside) there is no label to tell you what it is, but it is more than likely PVC that can contain lead and phthalates. Continue reading article >


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Kids Konserve is a range of groovy reusable lunch kits with enough kiddy cool to keep the kids happy, but still chic enough for mum or dad to use! Apart from looking fab the well thought out design is highly functional, the kit includes... >>


Help your customers save money by encouraging them to fill up a reusable bottle at home, rather than buying bottled water. Study finds bottled water costs two to four times the cost of fresh milk.


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insulated bag









lunch boxstainless_steel_container