Eco products made in Australia

At Biome, we believe in supporting local eco businesses wherever possible, before sourcing from overseas.  We are fortunate enough to stock the following Australian brands who make most (if not all) of their products right here in our lucky country.

Skin & body care

 Beauty & The Bees  This Tasmanian company has been making natural hair, body & baby care products
 from scratch, by hand for more than 15 years.
 Buloke Park Olives  Buloke Park olive oil lip balm is made right at the farm where the olives are grown! 
 Cherub Rubs  Cherub Rubs' Skin Guard is made using lemon eucalyptus oil, a gentler way to keep
 insects at bay from littlies than traditional citronella.
 Corrynne's  This Western Australian company have been hand making natural soaps and body
 products for over fifteen years.
 Dindi  Dindi soaps are made using Australian oils, gentle clays, plant butters and extracts,
 in a mountainous region of Victoria called Murrindindi Shire.
 EST  EST soap and body products are handmade in Melbourne using only the highest
 quality ingredients.
 Olieve Olieve make their luxurious face & body care products using extra-virgin olive oil
 from the grove they established at Gunbower Creek, West of Echuca in Victoria.
 Jack n' Jill  Jack n' Jill natural toothpaste is made right here in Australia using natural extracts.
 Kosmea  Kosmea face care is made in Australia & based upon certified organic rose hip oil.
 Pure & Green  Pure & Green Organics are skin, body & oral care products made in Australia using 
 a custom-built facility, certified organic ingredients & native Australian extracts.
 Riddells Creek  Riddells Creek make oral care products including fluoride-free toothpaste.
 Sanctum  Sanctum produces face & body care products from their family-owned
 business which supports their local Byron Bay community.
 Tinderbox  Tinderbox is a long-established pioneer in natural skin, body & hair care based
 upon essential oils from Balingup, West Australia. 
 UV Naturals  UV Natural make natural sunscreens right here in Australia. 

Stationary, magazines or books

 Blueberry Paper  Greeting cards designed, printed & hand finished in NSW, Australia on 100%
 post-consumer waste recycled paper using vegetable based inks. 
 Dumbo Feather  This "mook" (magazine/book) is made in Victoria, Australia.
 Earth Greetings  Earth Greetings makes greeting cards and stationary in Australia using only
 energy, paper & ink inputs of the highest eco credentials. 
 Kate Knapp  Kate Knapp designs greeting cards & gift books from her QLD studio.
 Kylie Johnson  Kylie Johnson's QLD-based 'Paper Boat Press' hand produces ceramic gift tags. 
 Peppermint Magazine  This eco fashion mag is put together in Queensland, Australia.
 Renee Treml  Renee Treml is an artist whose cards, prints & jewellery are made in Melbourne. 


 Clean Conscience  Eco cleaning products made in Tasmania almost entirely from Australian ingredients,
 & this small business has produced the first ever 100% palm oil free laundry powder! 
 Ecologic  Eco home cleaning products made in Australia.
 Kin Kin Naturals   Handmade locally in the Queensland Noosa hinterland by a small family business.

Homewares & lifestyle

 Keep Cup  Keep Cup are sustainably manufactured in Victoria, Australia. 
 Mt. Retour  Mt Retour is an Australian company, some oils are sourced from overseas but
 all products are packaged here & are Australian Certified Organic.
 Camphor Laurel cutting boards  Our cutting boards are handmade in Australia from Camphor Laurel 
 (a serious environmental weed). You can help Australian bushland by
 utilizing this ethically acceptable timber. 
 Queen B  Support Australian bee keepers and the Australian bee population by
 choosing these beautiful Australian-made beeswax candles.
 Organature  Beautiful crisp, lightweight, organic cotton sheets made in Australia.
 Stoneware water purifiers  Our stoneware water purifiers are hand made in Australia.
 Thurlby Herb Farm  Thurlby products are made by a Australian business. Their facilities are located
 between the tall forest country and rolling farmlands of North Walpole
 (420 kilometres south of Perth). 


 OzTukka  Oz Tukka use Australian native spices & oils gently hand harvested in Australia. 

Jewellery, fashion & craft

 Polli  Polli stainless steel jewellery is designed and made responsibly in Australia.
 Renee Treml  Renee Treml is an artist whose cards, prints & jewellery are made in Melbourne. 
 Tightology  Tightology are a fashion tights brand designed and made in Australia.
 re-sew-cool  re-sew-cool are kids craft kits (brooches & key chains) made in Australia.