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An update from Biome

16 March 2022

Unfortunately, Biome is among the many who have suffered significant devastation during the weather event that hammered South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales in late February, with our online distribution centre going under about 1.8 metres of water. 


We will get through this. We are currently undertaking the massive clean up and are shipping orders from a temporary premise.   It's squeezy, but the brilliant Biome crew is making it work!

We lost around 40,000 items under water, so you can imagine it will be a long process to gradually building up our stock again. 

Many of Biome's suppliers, often small businesses themselves, have been incredibly generous with helping us.  We are forever grateful to them.

Here's what happened and how we would love your assistance please.

Our online distribution centre in Brisbane (the building with a big 37 on it below) is a few blocks back from the Brisbane River, with a storm water drain out front.

Around 6pm on Saturday, 26 February, we noticed the water lapping into our car park.  Our angel helpers worked hard to save what we could, but by 3am water was well inside, so we had to switch off the power and wade out of there. 

Those hours on Saturday were in the middle of Brisbane receiving half a year's worth of rain in 48 hours!! I just wanted that deafening pounding of the rain on the tin roof to stop!  The stormwater system could not handle this unprecedented volume of water that fell from the sky.

The timber screens circled on this photo are 1.8 metres tall.

2022 Brisbane Flood

We lifted some computers and stock to our mezzanine, but we have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stock, plus our fit out and equipment...

It hurts to let my mind wander to the items that I made a call to leave. All the bits and pieces that you gather over years and need to run a business: from the boxes we ship our orders in, paper packing tape, pens, staplers, whiteboards, motivational posters, our beautiful pot plants, coffee cups, everything, through to our packing stations, fridge, vacuum, cardboard shredding machine, forklift...

Thanks to so many awesome volunteers, we are underway with a massive clean up and washing thousands of items to save them from landfill.

It is overwhelming kindness and generosity of time and effort at the worst of times.  Beautiful humanity at its best. 


Thank you immensely to everyone helping us in many ways.

Our thoughts are with the many other people in trouble also.

- Tracey x

Biome will survive this

Our purpose stays true. We have a team of passionate and resilient people and a wonderful community of customers and suppliers.

It's just going to set us back for a while. 

But there are ways you can help!

How you can help

Thank you for the incredible outpouring of support so far. Here are some ways we'd love your help right now.


For the past two weeks, we have been taking longer than normal to ship and we thank you so much for your patience.

We are back to shipping in about two days.

We also have lots of items available that are shipped directly to you from the supplier without any delay. 




Please come in to our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne stores and say hi! Your happy faces will cheer us up so much. Our team can't wait to see you and help you discover some of the best earth-friendly solutions available in Australia. 

Store opening times here >


By purchasing an online Biome gift voucher for yourself or a loved one today, you will help us keep going and get back on our feet sooner! 

You will be able to shop with your online gift voucher in the very near future when our full range is available once again. 


By shopping at Biome you will actually be making a real difference in the fight against climate change, the very thing that is exacerbating catastrophic weather events like the one we just experienced.

Our range helps you reduce waste, avoid plastic pollution, harmful toxins and ingredients like palm oil, the production of which is causing massive environmental destruction and in turn contributing to global warming.