What we live by

Our uncompromising vision along with our eight core values guide us in everything we do for you, the planet and how our team works together.

Our Vision

To preserve a safe, healthy environment on this wonderous planet for now, and for those who come after us.

Our Core Values

We act with:


Integrity is ingrained in all that we do from sourcing sustainable products to operating ethically, honestly and with full transparency.  We put purpose before profits and operate with a triple bottom line equally valuing the impact of people, planet and profits.


We consider the needs of all who occupy this planet, now and in the future and respond with compassionate action driving change and giving a voice to the voiceless. Animals and future generations rely on us to preserve the environment for them.


We are:


We are deeply curious to know and do more, and unafraid to ask questions. We don’t just read labels and believe what brands tell us; we go to exhausting lengths to ensure the products we stock are mindful on many levels. We find new ways of operating that are better for you and the planet and explore new opportunities to help you reduce your environmental impact. 


We are constantly evolving and seek new opportunities to create positive change. Whether it’s offering bulk natural DIY skin care ingredients to reduce beauty packaging waste, providing Terracycle recycling options to reduce landfill waste, or uncovering new product solutions. We are committed to being the best for you and the world.

Ground breaking

We lead by taking bold action on issues that matter to us and this has seen us achieve many firsts.  Biome was Australia’s first certified B Corporation retailer, and we are proud to be leading the palm oil free movement in the retail sector, but we have only scratched the surface of what we want to achieve.


We advocate for the changes we want to see in the world. From reducing single use plastics to campaigning against palm oil use, we are passionate about seeing through the greenwash and inspiring generations that fight for the future of our planet.

Friendly & Supportive

We listen from the heart, think empathetically and are here to help you grow. Whether you’re starting out or you’ve been reducing your environmental impact for years, we’re here to support you along your sustainable journey. There’s so much we can learn from each other.


We are positive about the future and hopeful our actions will make a difference. We believe the world can be better and collectively we can make a difference. We have proven the powerful actions of individuals can create significant change by helping our community save 10 million single use items from landfill in 12 months.