Banned Ingredients

Biome is a pioneer in responsible retailing and has always pushed the frontier of ways we can all live more responsibly on the planet.

We are fed up with seeing profit driven brands and retailers use greenwashing tactics to sell their products. We also know we cannot rely upon government regulation to keep us safe. There are many cases of toxins being allowed on the market that have since been proven to cause terrible harm.

At Biome, we not only help you understand what to look out for, we also do all the hard work for you verifying every product for truth in labelling, safe ingredients and zero harm to people, animals and the planet.  We consult experts and world-leading environmental and toxicity sources to go far beyond what government regulations allow. We offer all of this transparency so you can make an informed decision and shop with confidence knowing that every product at Biome is safe for you and the planet.

Every product at Biome is:

  • Free from all known or suspected toxins
  • Cruelty free – made without exploitation or harm to people or animals
  • Natural fibres are Certified Organic, hemp or linen which is grown and processed without chemicals
  • Verified for all claims such as 'organic', 'cruelty free', 'bamboo', 'biodegradable'
  • Longer lasting than the alternative, thus saving resources and pollution
  • Made by a reputable person or business with a story to tell

Plus, we consider whether the product and its ingredients are:

  • Eliminating single use plastic
  • Simple and uncomplicated, as close to the natural state as possible
  • Made in Australia - less carbon miles and supports local economy
  • Grown and manufactured in a sustainable way
  • Vegan (98% of products at Biome are vegan)
  • Packaging free
  • Biodegradable
  • Recycled or assists recycling
  • Resource-efficient or reducing consumption
  • Designed to be recycled or responsibly disposed of at the end of its life
  • Inspiring love for the environment