How Biome supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Product Sourcing

By adhering to strict standards and a palm oil free product sourcing policy that also encompasses support for small local suppliers and end of life assessment, Biome directly supports seven of the 17 UN SDGs. Read about our strict standards here.

Supporting UN SDGs

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Biome’s sustainable employment, education and training opportunities offered to people of all ages and abilities including youth and people with disabilities supports two of the 17 UN SDGs. Meet our team here. 

Supporting UN SDGs

Community Support

Through community support programs including the Biome Zero Waste Fundraiser, community sponsorships and donations, Kiva lending group and Corporate Sustainability Initiatives Program, Biome proudly supports seven of the 17 UN SDGs. Read about our community support here

Supporting UN SDGs

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Business Processes

Through considered business processes such as operating sustainable stores, sending plastic free orders, and extensive reuse recycling policy; and through partnerships with B Corporation, Greening Australia and Terracycle, Biome proudly supports six of the 17 UN SDGs. Read more about our environmental commitment here

Supporting UN SDGs


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