In May 2019, Biome ran a campaign that encouraged people to #PalmOffPalmOil. Thanks to your incredible support, we helped raise awareness about the catastrophic impacts of palm oil production, and the fact that you don’t need palm oil and palm derived ingredients to make beautiful high performing products. 

As part of the campaign we promised that for every #PalmOffPalmOil hashtag shared, we would donate $2 to International Animal Rescue for the sponsorship of an orangutan through to release.

Well... meet Manis! 

#PalmOffPalmOil | Biome Eco Stores | Palm Oil Free Ethical Eco Store

Manis came into International Animal Rescue care in 2014 in Ketapang as a three year old.

It is believed she had been kept illegally as a pet since she was three or four months old, and lived off condensed milk rice, fried treats and tofu - not the nutritious diet a young growing orangutan requires. Due to being kept as a pet, she also craved human contact. 

The illegal pet trade often goes hand in hand with orangutan habitat loss from deforestation, of which the palm oil industry is a key driver of - the young of displaced mothers are easily captured and sold on the black market around the world.

Young orangutans can spend up to eight years with their mothers while they learn all the skills they need to thrive in the forest independently. They also learn a lot from copying other orangutans. So at three years of age, and virtually no time spent living in the wild surrounded by other orangutans, Manis needed quite a bit of time in care learning the skills she required to thrive on her own.

#PalmOffPalmOil | Biome Eco Stores | Palm Oil Free Ethical Eco Store

Her dedicated International Animal Rescue caretakers worked to adjust Manis to an appropriate diet, socialised her with other orangutans in their care, helped her practice climbing, nest building, and survive in the forest. The team also helped her cope with less human contact. 

After five years in care, Manis was ready to be released back into the wild, which successfully took place on 28 June 2019.

Her sponsorship was funded by Biome, and by sharing the #PalmOffPalmOil hashtag and choosing to purchase palm oil free products, supported and championed by you, the passionate Biome community.

Thank you so much!!! You have made such an incredible difference in the world.

What’s the problem with palm oil?

>> It leads to environmental destruction, extinction of wildlife, and human rights abuses. And we're running out of time to act!

>> It is a hidden ingredient that hides behind over 200 names.  Meaning brands get away with ignoring the impact of their ingredient sourcing, while consumers can not make an informed choice and send a message with their purchasing power.

>> Many natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free brands use palm oil derived ingredients and do not disclose it on their packaging.

>> Most 'sustainable palm oil' claims have always been unreliable, because it is almost impossible to keep it segregated and trace. Here's why:

What can you do?

>> Share the #PalmOffPalmOil hashtag on Instagram to raise awareness, send a powerful consumer message, and help protect the life of an endangered orangutan.

>> Avoid palm oil and palm derived ingredients altogether. Here is a list of 200+ names palm oil hides behind > 

>> Shop with confidence at Biome - everything we sell is free from palm oil! Shop here >

>> Contact brands and retailers and ask whether their products contain palm or palm derived ingredients. We've made it easy for you with this template below, just copy and paste!

Hi there,

Do your products contain any palm oil or palm oil derived ingredients?

I am trying to avoid palm oil as much as possible, as I care deeply about saving the lives of innocent animals like orangutans and tigers, protecting people against human rights abuses, and looking after our precious earth for future generations to enjoy.

So that I and other potential customers can make an informed decision, can you please clarify if there is palm oil or palm derived ingredients in any of your products?

Thank you!

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