For every #PalmOffPalmOil hashtag shared on Instagram during May, Biome will donate $2 to International Animal Rescue for the sponsorship of an orangutan through to release!*

That's right, simply by sharing the #PalmOffPalmOil hashtag, you can help save the life of an endangered orangutan!

Don't have Instagram?  Join our 'Living Palm Oil Free' mailing list.  Biome will still donate $2 to International Animal Rescue when you Sign up here >

Plus, everyone who shares the hashtag or joins our mailing list has the chance to WIN a $100 Biome voucher every week! 

* see how it works below.

What’s the problem with palm oil?

>> It leads to environmental destruction, extinction of wildlife, and human rights abuses. And we're running out of time to act!

>> It is a hidden ingredient that hides behind over 200 names.  Meaning brands get away with ignoring the impact of their ingredient sourcing, while consumers can not make an informed choice and send a message with their purchasing power.

>> Many natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free brands use palm oil derived ingredients and do not disclose it on their packaging.

>> Most 'sustainable palm oil' claims have always been unreliable, because it is almost impossible to keep it segregated and trace. Here's why:

What can you do?

>> Share the #PalmOffPalmOil hashtag on Instagram to raise awareness, send a powerful consumer message, and help protect the life of an endangered orangutan.

>> Avoid palm oil and palm derived ingredients altogether. Here is a list of 200+ names palm oil hides behind > 

>> Shop with confidence at Biome - everything we sell is free from palm oil! Shop here >

>> Contact brands and retailers and ask whether their products contain palm or palm derived ingredients. We've made it easy for you with this template below, just copy and paste!

Hi there,

Do your products contain any palm oil or palm oil derived ingredients?

I am trying to avoid palm oil as much as possible, as I care deeply about saving the lives of innocent animals like orangutans and tigers, protecting people against human rights abuses, and looking after our precious earth for future generations to enjoy.

So that I and other potential customers can make an informed decision, can you please clarify if there is palm oil or palm derived ingredients in any of your products?

Thank you!

How #PalmOffPalmOil in May works

Join us in spreading the message that palm oil and transparency matters.

For every #PalmOffPalmOil hashtag shared on a public Instagram post during May 2019, Biome will donate $2 to International Animal Rescue for the sponsorship of an orangutan through to release! Make sure your account isn't private, otherwise we won't see the hashtag! The hashtag is only recorded on public Instagram posts, not private posts or Instagram Stories. 

We have capped our donation amount at $5,000, which is enough to rescue one orangutan through to release! We would be over the moon if we exceeded that amount, so share this with your friends and make a difference!

By sharing the #PalmOffPalmOil hashtag on Instagram, you could also win one of four $100 Biome vouchers. We will draw a new winner each Friday in May, with the last winner drawn on Friday 31 May 2019.

If you don't have Instagram but would still like the chance to win a $100 Biome voucher, you can sign up to our Living Palm Oil Free mailing list instead.

Our weekly $100 Biome voucher winners will be contacted via Instagram private message or via the email address they use to sign up to the mailing list with. Vouchers are valid online only and not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Vouchers exclude shipping. Vouchers are valid until 31 July 2019. 

By using the #PalmOffPalmOil hashtag on Instagram you give Biome permission to share that photo, and occasionally the accompanying message, with our community. Our community includes our e-newsletter, website, and our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google and YouTube pages. Biome will provide full credit by tagging you, either in the post description or comments section of the post.

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