Biome offers only the best mineral makeup in Australia from Inika, Sante and Musq.  Each mineral makeup range has been assessed for safety and integrity of ingredients, plus we love how the makeup performs. 

Because each of us is unique in skin type, tone and sensitivity, it may take some trialling for you to find the perfect makeup for your skin.  Be patient, you’re joining millions of women in Australia and around the world who are ditching the chemicals found in conventional cosmetics in favour of beautiful natural products that are better for your skin, your health and the environment!

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One of the questions most often asked in our stores is how to choose the best foundation.   Biome's makeup expert has prepared this helpful guide for you.

How to choose the perfect mineral makeup foundation

Today’s mineral foundations provide beautiful results and the formulations are so advanced you won’t miss those nasty petrochemical-based products one bit! 

Here are 3 simple steps to help you on your journey to foundation perfection.


1.     Choose your formulation - Cream, Liquid or Powder?

Choosing the correct formulation for your skin’s needs is an important step when deciding on a foundation.

Oily  >  Powder

On Oily skins Powder helps to eliminate excess moisture and give a flawless, shine-free finish.

Oily skins can sometimes use a liquid foundation, but must be sure to powder well to stop the makeup ‘sliding’. Touch ups with powder during the day are also a great idea to keep you looking polished.

Pro Tip: Try using a Rose Water or Hydrosol spray after powder foundation application to help ‘set’ the makeup. This will create a gorgeous ‘natural skin’ look.

Dry  >  Liquid or Cream

Choose Liquid or Cream foundations for their hydrating properties.

Powders can be drying on this skin type, causing a rough, or chalky appearance. If you would like to use a powder foundation, just be sure to prepare your skin accordingly. It’s important to exfoliate and moisturise well.

Pro Tip: For longer wearing makeup and a more polished look, apply a light dusting of powder after your foundation. A light spray of rose water or hydrosol will help set the look.

Combination  >   Powder or Liquid

Combination skins can use either a powder or a liquid foundation.

Powder foundations are great for combination skin as they help to absorb any excess oil and combat unwanted shine. The trick here is to apply more coverage in your oilier zones while using more sparingly in other areas.

Pro Tip: When using Liquid foundations, those with combination skin should apply a dusting of powder, focusing on their oily zones, after their foundation to prevent the makeup from ‘breaking up’ in their oiler zones later in the day.


2.     Choose your shade – Know your Skin Tone and Depth

First, consider whether your skin is Fair, Medium or Deep. Remember this may vary during different seasons.

Secondly, is your skin tone Cool, Warm or Neutral?

Cool: You have blue/green eyes, may sunburn/freckle easily, your natural hair colour is blond/mousy brown/light, you look good in bright pinks, fuschia and muted browns.

Warm:  You have brown/hazel eyes, tan easily, have naturally brown or darker hair, your skin has a slightly yellow/golden tone, you look good in rich browns and navy.

Neutral : If you have 2 or more characteristics from both Warm and Cool then you are most likely a neutral skin tone.

Now check this handy table that gives our recommendations on the best Inika, Musq and Sante choices based on the combination of your skin tone and depth.


3.     The fun part – try them on!

To get the most accurate colour match, always test makeup on your face rather than your hand or wrist.  Always try at least 3 shades. Pick out the shade that you think most suits your skin tone and then pick one shade lighter and one shade darker.

Apply the makeup using brush/cotton tip on clean skin. At your outer jawline (just in front of your ear) use your brush/cotton tip to make a vertical  ‘stripe of each shade. Work it into the skin slightly as you would when applying to your full face. 

This area of your face is perfect for testing foundation because you can see how the makeup affects any pigmentation, your overall skin tone and ensures it will blend into your neck seamlessly.

The aim here is to find a shade that is almost undetectable. If you’ve got the coverage you need and you can’t see it on your skin, you’re onto a winner!

Good luck!

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