OKO Water & Safety Chart by Country & Region


Drinking Water Around the World
With a large variety of contaminants and waterborne diseases in various bodies of water, water conditions vary greatly from source to source. It is virtually impossible to determine what is in a body of water without proper testing of each water source. Even though running and tap water are generally considered cleaner and safer to drink, all water, whether piped or from open sources can potentially be contaminated with harmful substances. Personal judgment and local information should always play an active and key role in selecting a water source.

About Our Device & Rating System
ÖKO BPA free water bottles are portable devices which may be used worldwide to drink water from billions of sources. Portable water bottles are not bound by pressure regulators, temperature gauges and water sources around the world do not generally carry a bacterial saturation level and testing information. All such data is in fact required in order to determine the true performance level of a filtration bottle and the safety level of the water being consumed.

Although our products have been successfully tested for a variety of waterborne microbial agents such as cryptosporidium, giardia lamblia, e-coli, and many other contaminants, we feel strongly that making specific claims misleads users into drinking potentially unsafe waters for reasons stated above. Even though similar products make such claims, we base our rating system strictly on the “availability of safe water” in each country using the latest data gathered from world’s most reliable sources.

If you live in or are thinking of visiting any of the regions or countries listed on the charts below, please consider the recommended ÖKO filter for the water conditions in that region.

Please note that Biome offers L2 filters only. ÖKO Level-2 filtration, originally developed through a NASA grant for space stations, is now available for consumer use. Simply put, it is the state-of-the-art in water filtration technology.
In addition to a 2 micron pore size, the material utilizes a positively charged electro-adsorption (attraction and retention) process to draw and trap harmful agents much smaller than its pore size. Charge fields, activated upon water contact extend 1 micron each to virtually close the pore to any intruding agents. ÖKO level-2 filter lab tests reflect removal of 99.994% of e-coli, 99.9999% of cryptosporidium and giardia lamblia, the most commonly found bacteria and microorganisms in lakes, streams and international water sources. A stack of over 400 such pores in the 0.8mm thickness of the filter create a “tortuous path” which a harmful agent would have to travel through in order to make it across the filter membrane.


Available “Safe” Water
(Relative to % of population)
100-99%Generally safe and regularly monitored piped water in cities and rural areas. Water taste, odor, chlorine and mineral levels may be variable. ÖKO L1 filters are recommended.L1
98-96%Mostly safe piped water in cities and/or rural regions. Conditions may vary from area to area. ÖKO L2 filters are recommended.L2
95-93%Questionable water quality. Even though locals may be used to piped waters, travelers must use caution and be selective with their choice of water source. ÖKO L2 filters are recommended.L2*
92-89%Water deemed generally unsafe for drinking. Biological purification highly recommended. ÖKO custom L3 filters may be available in some countries. In some cases a combination of water treatment and ÖKO L2 filter may be used.L3
88% & Lower*Not Rated for ÖKO products. Does not meet potable water standards for filtration. All water used should be adequately treated before drinking.NR*

CountryRegionUrban (CITY) Improved 
"Tap Water"
Suggested ÖKO Filter Rural Improved"Pipe Water"Suggested ÖKO Filter
AfghanistanMiddle South Asia78%NR  NR
AlbaniaWestern Europe96%L2 98%L2
AlgeriaNorthern Africa88%NR 80%NR
American SomoaMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia100%L1 100%L1
AndorraWestern Europe100%L1 97%L2
AngolaSub-Saharan Africa60%NR 38%NR
AnguillaCaribbean60%NR  -
Antigua and BarbudaCaribbean92%L3  -
ArgentinaTemperate South America98%L2 80%NR
ArmeniaMiddle East Asia98%L2 93%L2
ArubaCaribbean99%L1 100%L1
AustraliaMain Oceania100%L1 100%L1
AustriaWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
AzerbaijanMiddle South Asia88%NR 71%NR
BahamasCaribbean98%L2 86%NR
BahrainWestern South Asia100%L1  -
BangladeshMiddle South Asia85%NR 70%NR
BarbadosCaribbean100%L1 100%L1
BelarusEastern Europe100%L1 99%L1
BelgiumWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
BelizeCentral America99%L1 100%L1
BeninSub-Saharan Africa84%NR 69%NR
BermudaNorth America -  -
BhutanMiddle South Asia99%L1 88%NR
BoliviaTropical South America95%L2 68%NR
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEastern Europe100%L1 98%L2
BotswanaSouthern Africa99%L1 90%L3
BrazilTropical South America99%L1 84%NR
British Virgin IslandsCaribbean100%L1 100%L1
BruneiEastern South Asia100%L1 95%L2
BulgariaEastern Europe100%L1 100%L1
Burkina FasoSub-Saharan Africa94%L2 54%NR
BurundiSub-Saharan Africa92%L3 77%NR
CambodiaEastern South Asia64%NR 35%NR
CameroonSub-Saharan Africa92%L3 51%NR
CanadaNorth America100%L1 99%L1
Cape VerdeSub-Saharan Africa86%NR 73%NR
Cayman IslandsCaribbean100%L1  -
ChadSub-Saharan Africa41%NR 43%NR
ChileTemperate South America96%L2  -
ChinaEast Asia98%L2 82%NR
ColombiaTropical South America99%L1 73%NR
ComorosSub-Saharan Africa91%L3 97%L2
CongoSub-Saharan Africa84%NR 27%NR
Republic of the CongoSub-Saharan Africa82%NR 29%NR
Cook IslandMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia100%L1  -
Costa RicaCentral America100%L1 91%L3
Côte d'IvoireSub-Saharan Africa93%L2 68%NR
CroatiaEastern Europe99%L1 98%L2
CubaCaribbean96%L2 89%L3
CyprusWestern South Asia100%L1 100%L1
Czech RepublicEastern Europe100%L1 100%L1
DenmarkWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
DjiboutiSub-Saharan Africa98%L2 52%NR
DominicaCaribbean100%L1 90%L3
Dominican RepublicCaribbean87%NR 84%NR
East TimorEastern South Asia77%NR 56%NR
EcuadorTropical South America97%L2 88%NR
EgyptNorthern Africa100%L1 98%L2B
El SalvadorCentral America94%L2 70%NR
Equatorial GuineaSub-Saharan Africa89%L3 61%NR
EritreaSub-Saharan Africa74%NR 57%NR
EstoniaEastern Europe99%L1 97%L2
EthiopiaSub-Saharan Africa98%L2 26%NR
FijiMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia43%NR 51%NR
FinlandWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
FranceWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
French GuineaTropical South America88%NR 71%NR
French PolynesiaMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia100%L1 100%L1
GabonSub-Saharan Africa95%L2 41%NR
GambiaSub-Saharan Africa96%L2 86%NR
Gaza StripWestern South Asia94%L2 88%NR
GeorgiaMiddle South Asia100%L1 96%L2
GermanyWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
GhanaSub-Saharan Africa90%L3 74%NR
GreeceEastern Europe100%L1 99%L1
GrenadaCaribbean97%L2 93%L2
GuadeloupeCaribbean98%L2 94%L2
GuamMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia100%L1 100%L1
GuatemalaCentral America98%L2 90%L3
GuineaSub-Saharan Africa86%NR 61%NR
Guinea BissauSub-Saharan Africa83%NR 51%NR
GuyanaTropical South America98%L2 93%L2
HaitiCaribbean71%NR 55%NR
HondurasCentral America95%L2 77%NR
Hong KongEast Asia100%L1 96%L2
HungaryEastern Europe100%L1 100%L1
IcelandWestern Europe100%L1 98%L2
IndiaMiddle South Asia96%L2 84%NR
IndonesiaEastern South Asia89%L3 71%NR
Iran (Islamic Republic of)Middle South Asia99%L1 94%L2
IraqWestern South Asia91%L3 55%NR
IrelandWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
IsraelWestern South Asia100%L1 100%L1
ItalyWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
JamaicaCaribbean98%L2 89%L3
JapanEast Asia100%L1 100%L1
JordanWestern South Asia98%L2 91%L3
KazakhstanMiddle South Asia99%L1 90%L3
KenyaSub-Saharan Africa83%NR 52%NR
KiribatiMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia77%NR 53%NR
People's Republic of Korea (N.Korea)East Asia97%L2 71%NR
Republic of Korea (S.Korea)East Asia100%L1 100%L1
KuwaitWestern South Asia99%L1 100%L1
KyrgyzstanMiddle South Asia99%L1 85%NR
Lao People's Democratic RepublicEastern South Asia72%NR 51%NR
LatviaEastern Europe100%L1 96%L2
LebanonWestern South Asia100%L1 100%L1
LesothoSouthern Africa97%L2 81%NR
LiberiaSub-Saharan Africa79%NR 51%NR
LiechtensteinWestern Europe -  -
LithuaniaEastern Europe -  -
LuxembourgWestern Europe100%L1 99%L1
MacauEast Asia -  -
MadagascarAfrican Coast71%NR 29%NR
Macedonia TFYREurope100%L1 99%L1
MalawiSub-Saharan Africa98%L2 68%NR
MalaysiaEastern South Asia100%L1 99%L1
MaldivesMiddle South America99%L1 86%NR
MaliSub-Saharan Africa81%NR 44%NR
MaltaWestern Europe100%L1 99%L1
Marshall IslandsMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia92%L3 98%L2
MartiniqueCaribbean -  -
MauritaniaSub-Saharan Africa59%NR 44%NR
MauritiusSub-Saharan Africa100%L1 100%L1
MexicoNorth America96%L2 87%NR
Micronesia (Federated States of)Melanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia95%L2 94%L2
MoldovaEastern Europe97%L2 49%NR
MonacoWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
MontenegroEurope100%L1 96%L2
MontserratCaribbean100%L1 100%L1
MoroccoNorthern Africa98%L2 60%NR
MozambiqueSub-Saharan Africa77%NR 29%NR
MyanmarEastern South Asia75%NR 69%NR
NamibiaSouthern Africa99%L1 88%NR
NauruMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia -  -
NepalMiddle South Asia93%L3 87%NR
NetherlandsWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
Netherlands AntillesCaribbean -  -
New CaledoniaMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia -  -
New ZealandMain Oceania100%L1 100%L1
NicaraguaCentral America98%L2 68%NR
NigerSub-Saharan Africa96%L2 39%NR
NigeriaSub-Saharan Africa75%NR 42%NR
NiueMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia100%L1 100%L1
Northern Mariana IslandsMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia98%L2 97%L2
NorwayWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
OmanWestern South Asia92%L3 77%NR
PakistanMiddle South Asia95%L2 87%NR
PalauMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia79%NR 94%L2
(Occupied Territory)
Middle East91%L3 91%L3
PanamaCentral America97%L2 83%NR
Papua New GuineaMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia87%NR 33%NR
ParaguayTropical South America99%L1 66%NR
PeruTropical South America90%L3 61%NR
PhilippinesEastern South Asia93%L2 87%NR
PitcairnMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia -  -
PolandEastern Europe100%L1 100%L1
PortugalWestern Europe99%L1 100%L1
Puerto RicoCaribbean - --
QatarMiddle East100%L1 99%L1
ReunionSub-Saharan Africa -  -
RomaniaEastern Europe91%L3 16%NR
Russian FederationEastern Europe98%L2 89%L3
RwandaSub-Saharan Africa77%NR 62%NR
Saint HelenaSouthern Africa - 0%-
Saint Kitts and NevisCaribbean99%L1 99%L1
Saint LuciaCaribbean98%L2 98%L2
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesCaribbean - 93%L2
SamoaMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia90%L3 87%NR
San MarinoWestern Europe -  -
Sao Tome and PrincipeSub-Saharan Africa89%L3 89%L3
Saudi ArabiaWestern South Asia97%L2  -
SenegalSub-Saharan Africa92%L3 52%NR
SeychellesSub-Saharan Africa100%L1 75%NR
Sierra LeoneSub-Saharan Africa75%NR 46%NR
SingaporeEastern South Asia100%L1 100%L1
SlovakiaEastern Europe100%L1 100%L1
SloveniaEastern Europe100%L1 99%L1
Solomon IslandsMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia94%L2 65%NR
SomaliaSub-Saharan Africa67%NR 9%NR
South AfricaSouthern Africa99%L1 73%NR
SpainWestern Europe99%L1 99%L1
Sri LankaMiddle South Asia98%L2 74%NR
SudanSub-Saharan Africa78%NR 64%NR
SurinameTropical South America98%L2 73%NR
SwazilandSouthern Africa92%L3 61%NR
SwedenWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
SwitzerlandWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
Syrian Arab RepublicWestern South Asia94%L2 84%NR
TaiwanEast Asia -  -
TajikistanMiddle South Asia94%L2 61%NR
TanzaniaSub-Saharan Africa85%NR 49%NR
ThailandEastern South Asia99%L1 98%L2
TogoSub-Saharan Africa87%NR 41%NR
TokelauMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia - 84%NR
TongaMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia100%L1 100%L1
Trinidad and TobagoCaribbean98%L2 100%L1
TunisiaNorthern Africa99%L1 84%NR
TurkeyWestern South Asia100%L1 96%L2
TurkmenistanMiddle South Asia93%L2 54%NR
Turks and Caicos IslandsCaribbean98%L2 98%L2
TuvaluMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia100%L1 99%L1
UgandaSub-Saharan Africa91%L3 64%NR
UkraineEastern Europe98%L2 97%L2
United Arab EmiratesWestern South Asia L1 100%L1
United KingdomWestern Europe100%L1 100%L1
United States of AmericaNorth America100%L1 100%L1
UruguayTemperate South America100%L1 100%L1
US Virgin IslandsCaribbean100%L1 100%L1
UzbekistanMiddle South Asia98%L2 81%NR
VanuatuMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia86%NR 52%NR
VenezuelaTropical South America85%NR 70%NR
VietnamEastern South Asia99%L1 92%L3
Wallis and Futuna IslandsMelanesia and Micronesia-Polynesia - 100%L1
YemenWestern South Asia72%NR 57%NR
ZambiaSub-Saharan Africa99%L1 72%NR
ZimbabweSub-Saharan Africa96%L2 78%NR