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See through the Greenwash

Speed greening: fast & simple steps to make a difference

What is a Biome?

Inpirational excerpt from The Little Things Diary

Festive season :: Stockpile love, not landfill this Christmas

Top 12 favourite mineral makeup and natural body choices

Grey-water safe & eco-friendly cleaning & laundry

10 ways to soothe Winter skin & help the planet too

Organic cotton feels better

Are the candles you burn safe enough to eat?

Hemp fabric: an environmental marvel


Top 12 favourite mineral makeup and natural beauty choices at our customer event

As a result of much testing and feedback we selected these "must-have" products. So great for those who want natural, safe cosmetics that look as good and last as well (or better) than conventional make-up. Natural beauty and mineral makeup top choices >>

Grey-water safe & eco-friendly cleaning & laundry

Small but powerful steps to make your home a healthier, greener place. What to look for, economical & effective eco-friendly, grey water safe, cleaning, laundry


10 ways to relieve Winter skin & help the planet too

The skin all over your body needs some TLC to survive the harshness of Winter. A wholistic, natural approach can help...


Organic cotton feels better!

Unfortunately, organic cotton is not grown commercially in Australia. You can send a powerful message to the cotton industry to 'go green' by choosing the organic alternative for you and your family. Read more about organic cotton champions...


See through the 'greenwash'

No doubt you’ve spent much time in the supermarket aisles puzzling over the labels, trying to figure out which product is the better choice for the environment and better for you too. All too often, however, we can be misled by the ‘greenwash’.

‘Greenwashing’ is when a manufacturer tries to pretend that a product is environmentally-friendly, organic or recycled/recyclable, but it's not really—like ‘whitewashing’ over a dirty wall. They use terms like... read more


'speed-greening': fast and simple steps to make a difference

Many people have told us that they want to make the right choices for the environment. However, the hectic pace of work, family and enjoying life, leaves little time to seek out what is best for the planet. Here are three simple steps that you can be sure will make a difference and that are easy to do with no extra effort... three steps

What is a biome?

A biome is a large geographical area of distinctive plant and animal groups, which are adapted to that particular environment...the world itself is one large biome...Any change in one part of an environment, like an increase or decrease of a species of animal or plant, causes a ripple effect of change through other parts of the environment...large or small, simple or complex, no organism lives alone... go on

The Little Things

Illuminate your day with this excerpt from the “The Little Things” 2004 Sustainability Info Diary... begin the journey

Are the candles you burn safe enough to eat?

Candles are not for eating of course, but you do inhale the ingredients of the burning candle as its vapour is dispersed into the air. Nearly all candles today are paraffin based, yet paraffin is a poisonous petrochemical. Traditional beeswax candles offer an alternative that is healthier for you and the environment... more on beeswax v. paraffin

Hemp fabric: an environmental marvel

Hemp is one of the oldest plants used by mankind. Cultivated for thousands of years it was used commonly to make paper, clothing, ropes, canvas, sails and shelter. Sadly, prohibition in the 1930s and the post-war boom in petro-chemical-based fabrics saw hemp cultivation fall into serious decline. How have we let this amazing fibre be lost for so long?... rediscover hemp's virtues

Regional Flavours, South Bank, Brisbane

From Saturday, 21 July and Sunday, 22 July 2012 Biome had a stall to spread the message about reducing waste when your shop. See our pick of the best organic and boutique food producers we found at Regional Flavours.

Download this flyer with the “Green Shopping Trip Pledge” we promoted. 


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