Dish Washing Soap, Brush & Holder Set


This is how to wash dishes without plastic bottles and palm oil, using our top quality 100% olive oil Castile soap and Redecker pot scrubbing brush, along with a lovely reclaimed timber wood soap holder. This very hard, long lasting soap is economical too and you can buy replacement bars from Biome.   

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Plastic free and palm oil free way to wash dishes without liquid detergent.  Set contains:

1. True castile soap bar by Biome because it is made from only olive oil. Handmade in Australia. Castile soap bar can be used for any beauty or cleaning need. It is a very hard soap so it is long lasting and can be grated into soap flakes for cleaning recipes.

2. Redecker pot scrubbing brush is ergonomically shaped for making light work of washing up. Hand crafted in Germany. Superb quality.  Brush measures 8cm in length. 

3. Soap holder made from 100% reclaimed Australian cedar wood. Helps soap last longer by allowing excess water to drain away. Made in Australia.

How to use a soap bar to wash the dishes

A simple soap was historically used for all body, hair, clothese and household cleaning.

A soap bar produces less suds than detergent, but it cleans just as well in most water. Some hard water may be less effective, though we have tips below  Detergent is different to soap as it is made from synthetically-produced surfactants (even the natural ones) and has additives to make it stay liquid.

Rub the brush gently on the bar to pick up some soap, immerse dishes and cutlery in a sink of hot water, scrub with the brush.  You can also use a dish cloth to wipe off grease.

Instead of the pot brush you could use any natural brush strong enough to scratch off the soap, or our Agave wash cloth.  The Redecker pot brush may be too harsh for some non stick pans, although is used by Biome founder, Tracey, on Neoflam with light pressure and is ok.  For non stick pans you can also use any coconut fibre scourer.

Rinse dishes in another tub of clean water or with a little vinegar added.

For hard water, add a little bi carb soda to the dish water as it softens the water and helps clean faster. Hard water contains insoluble minerals such as magnesium and calcium which form a soap 'scum' when mixed with fats.

Remember to always use a metal sink strainer on your plug hole to stop food scraps going down the drain.  When draining your washing up water, quickly slip the strainer in place after removing the plug. 

Some people worry that soap may clog drains, but people have used soap for decades without this issue.  For a natural drain cleaner use bi carb, salt and vinegar followed by a kettle of boiling water.

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By on09 Dec. 2019 :
Title : I like it.
Comment : Would buy again.
(Dish Washing Soap, Brush & Holder Set)
By on19 Aug. 2019 :
Title : Great Product. love it!
Comment : absolutely love this. The brush is so sturdy and well made, the dish soap is great and the holder is good for keeping the soap dry. Love that ill never again have to throw away plastic dishwashing bottles that will be on this earth hundreds of years still after im gone. Great Product.
(Dish Washing Soap, Brush & Holder Set)
By on30 July 2019 :
Title : Such a cute set
Comment : Love this little set, nice simple zero waste product for my kitchen
(Dish Washing Soap, Brush & Holder Set)

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