Everything You Should Know About Self Cleaning Water Bottles

Here at Biome, we recently welcomed the LARQ self cleaning water bottle. LARQ's PureVis lids feature a revolutionary UV-C LED bulb that works to disinfect and eliminate bacteria from the inside of your bottle, as well as purify the water inside. We are so excited about this new tech, we just had to write a whole blog post on it. Read on to discover how self cleaning bottles work, care and use instructions, and FAQs about LARQ in Australia.


Self Cleaning Water Bottle


First, the Problem.

Picture this: you are thirsty, thirstier than you thought possible. You frantically reach around the back seat of your car looking for your water bottle. You grab it, undo the lid, raise the bottle to your lips, and... phew... that's stinky! Turns out, your water bottle has turned into a petri dish, growing all sorts of smelly bacteria while you were none the wiser.

This is the problem that LARQ set out to solve. We've all been there, and the daily cleaning of regular water bottles is enough to turn some people back to single-use plastic options.

The Solution.

To tackle the problem of smelly, gross water bottles, LARQ has installed a UV-C light inside the cap of their self cleaning bottle. They call this their PureVis technology. UV-C light has been used across multiple industries (including retail, hair salons, transportation & hospitality)1 to disinfect surfaces and the air for many years. PureVis, however, is the first time this technology has seen the inside of a water bottle. Pictured below is a graph that depicts the efficacy of UV-C light at restricting the growth of E. coli bacteria in a LARQ pitcher. Please note, the Y-axis depicts reduction of E. coli.

LARQ UV-C Efficacy

The Reduction of E. coli Under UV-C Light2

All this tech is seamlessly packed down inside the cap of each PureVis LARQ uv light self cleaning bottle. Did we mention that LARQ made absolutely no compromises when it comes to style?

LARQ PureVis UV-C Cap

So, not only does a Larq bottle clean itself, it also cleans the water inside. 

One of our favourite benefits of the PureVis technology is that previously questionable and unusable water sources can be used to fill up your bottle. This is especially great when travelling overseas where drinking plastic-bottled water is the norm, but you can also use it when hiking in Australia to fill up from streams, or just to change the taste of your local water.

The Best Self Cleaning Bottle by Larq.

Now that we have covered the solution that LARQ is providing, we want to dive into the use and care of this "Shark Tank" featured drink bottle!

  1. Fill up anywhere. PureVis gives you the power to turn any water into fresh-tasting, purified bacteria-free water.
  2. Press the cap to activate the UV-C light. While you wait, give the bottle a gentle shake or do your best water dance to spread the PureVis light evenly.
  3. Voila! Enjoy brilliantly clean water from a clean bottle. It really is that simple.
  4. Additionally, the PureVis cap will intelligently activate itself every 2 hours to keep you water fresh and bacteria free all day.

Another awesome effect of PureVis is that LARQ bottles do not need to be cleaned as frequently as regular reusable drink bottles. This being said, there are some important care steps you can take that will prolong the life of your LARQ bottle.

  1. Wipe the mouth area frequently. Due to the design of the cap, the UV-C light does not touch the lip of the bottle, where you drink from. Additionally, this part of the bottle can build up with residue from lip balms, lipstick, oils and food residue. If you are not going to be washing your bottle as frequently, it is important to remember to wipe the mouth area & cap down every day or so.
  2. Give the bottle a proper rinse. There is no need to bottle-brush your LARQ bottle every day like with other water bottles. In fact, you can go 3-4 weeks between each proper scrubbing of a LARQ bottle. With this in mind, it is a good idea to rinse your bottle & PureVis cap out with some warm water & dish soap every couple of days.
  3. Try to only use water in your LARQ. Other drinks, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks & milky drinks can obstruct the UV-C light and prevent it from bouncing around inside the bottle. This will likely reduce the efficacy of the PureVis tech. In fact, the inside of LARQ bottles are electropolished to promote reflections of UV-C light reaching every nook & cranny inside the bottle. If you do fill your LARQ with another beverage, it is important to properly clean the inside as soon as possible to maintain the reflective inner surface.
  4. Take care of the cap. With all the PureVis tech being housed in the cap, it is important to take extra care of this piece. As we all know, electricity and water don't mix, and charging the PureVis cap while wet can damage the internal function of the UV-C light. Fortunately, the PureVis battery lasts up to one month so this shouldn't be an issue too often. If you have been washing the cap, make extra sure the charging port is dry before you insert the charger. A good way to ensure this is to charge the cap before you wash it.


LARQ Bottle Review


Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What's in the box?
    PureVis LARQ water bottles include the bottle, a USB charging cable and a Quick Start Guide. Everything you need to get purifying ASAP!
  2. How does LARQ PureVis work?
    The PureVis UV-C light activates at the touch of a button. Additionally, the bottle can be set to activate once every two hours, for constantly fresh water. The PureVis cap features Normal, Travel & Adventure modes.
  3. Are Self Cleaning Bottles Safe? 
    PureVis is LARQ's name for the UV-C disinfectant LED that is in the cap of their bottles. The LED emits safe wavelengths between 270 & 275 nanometers, perfect for eliminating up to 99% of bio-contaminants by breaking down their DNA. To allow for maximum safety, you should fill your LARQ with water that is at least clear to the eyes and free of any sediment or visible dirt particles, as these cannot be removed by UV light. For this purpose, a Water Filter Bottle may be more appropriate. Compared to traditional mercury-based UV technology, the PureVis LED tech is smaller, more energy efficient, non-toxic and more economical.
  4. How do I charge the PureVis cap?
    The PureVis cap can be recharged with the included chord via the charging port located in the cap.
  5. What is the difference between Normal, Adventure & Travel modes?
    Normal Mode is activated by a single tap of the cap button and designed for use when the water is from a trustworthy source. It features a one-minute cleaning cycle that sheds 12mJ/cm2 of UV-C light on the water and interior surface of the bottle.
    Adventure Mode is a three-minute cleaning cycle designed for use when the water quality is unknown. Activate it with a double-tap. It provides at least 30mJ/cm2 of UV-C light for purification.
    Travel Mode is designed to prevent accidental activations while your LARQ bottle is in your bag or empty. Extra activations are not really necessary and cause the battery to run down. It is turned on and off by holding the button for 5-10 seconds.
  6. What's the go with Self-Cleaning Mode?
    Provided your bottle is not in Travel mode, the PureVis cap will automatically activate every two hours for a 10 second cycle. This is a quick cycle designed to maintain the freshness of your water after the initial blast it got when first filled.
  7. How often does the PureVis cap need to be charged?
    If you activate the bottle 3-4 times per day in Normal mode, the cap's battery will last for about a month. In Adventure Mode, the battery will last up to 12 days. You can tell when the bottle needs charging as the cap light will blink yellow at the beginning & end of cleaning cycles.
  8. What do the cap light colours mean?
    The PureVis cap features a multi-colour LED light around the outside edge to communicate different functions to you. Here's a breakdown of what they mean:
    Breathing Green: Charging.
    Steady Green: Fully Charged.
    Breathing Sky Blue: Normal Mode.
    Pulsing Blue: Adventure Mode.
    Pulsing Orange: Safety Mode (replace cap before activation OR internals are too hot.)
    Steady Yellow: Low on battery. Flashes twice before and after cleaning cycle.
    Red/Purple: Something is wrong. Contact Customer Service.
  9. Will LARQ keep my drinks hot/cold?
    The LARQ Insulated bottles available to buy at Biome feature some impressive insulation. They can keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours.
    The LARQ Movement range is non-insulated. This style will not keep drinks hot or cold longer than other single wall stainless bottles. However, not being insulated means the Movement bottles are lighter and more voluminous than their insulated counterparts, in a package that is roughly the same size.
  10. Can I put ice in my LARQ PureVis bottle?
    Ice will not damage your LARQ bottle, but it may impede the distribution of UV-C light around the interior of the bottle. It can be important to take this into consideration depending on your water supply.
  11. Can I put other beverages in my PureVis bottle?
    LARQ PureVis bottles are designed to be used with water. Putting other beverages in there is not recommended. However, if you do, ensure that you thoroughly clean the inside of your bottle ASAP to preserve the efficacy of the UV-C light.
  12. When is it appropriate to rely on the PureVis technology?
    As PureVis is simply utilising light, it cannot remove particulates, such as dirt or heavy metals, from your water. If you are taking the bottle to countries with poor water quality or into the backcountry, ensure the water source looks clear and is free of particulates. Then, let PureVis take care of the bacteria.
  13. Are LARQ PureVis bottles appliance safe?
    No LARQ bottles or caps should be put in the microwave.
    The bottle component of PureVis bottles is dishwasher safe, but always hand-wash the cap. Under no circumstances should the cap be placed in the dishwasher.
    LARQ PureVis bottles can be kept in the refrigerator. Keep in the mind that the Insulated variety may not effectively allow the contents to be cooled.
  14. Can LARQ PureVis bottles be taken on planes?
    You must bring the bottles with you in carry-on luggage due to the Li-polymer battery that powers the UV-C light. Remember that airport security often requires containers larger than 100mL to be empty.
  15. How do I properly clean my PureVis bottle?
    As mentioned earlier, LARQ PureVis bottles do not need to be cleaned as frequently as normal water bottles. However, every few weeks, it is a good idea to thoroughly clean the bottle.   See more here on How to Clean a Water Bottle.

Woah, what a long list. Hopefully this covers everything you could possibly want to know about LARQ water bottles. If you still have questions, feel free to email customer service and they should be able to provide the information you need.

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1 Source: Philips

2 Source: LARQ 

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