Cheese making at home made easy

DIY in the kitchen is making a renaissance, while you may have been making your own jam and homemade breads to spread it on for years, recently cheese making in the home is on the rise. It's simple and hassle free to make your own cheese at home. With some simple kitchen equipment and few extra ingredients available from Biome and you'll be eating your own delicious dairy products every day. Learning a few basic steps will allow you to make an endless variety of cheeses and other dairy products. Making your own cheese doesn't have to be a daunting task, with a gentle hand and some patience you can make your own cheese in only a few hours. Biome Eco Store stocks an extensive range of Mad Millie cheese making kits from soft fresh cheeses to tasty aged hard cheeses. Watch the video below for an easy to follow demonstration for making your own fresh Mozzarella. See all of our Make Your Own food alternatives here >
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