• Your Guide to the Best Eco Gifts for Kids of All Ages

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    Christmas is just around the corner but there’s no need to panic. Biome has a huge range of eco-friendly, educational and empowering gifts for children. Order online now to receive and wrap in time for Christmas morning. Here is our selection of the best Christmas gifts for the littlest environmentalists in the family, by age group.

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids

    Gifts for Babies – 3 Years

    EverEarth Ramp Racer

    How’s this for the cutest gift ever? Little boys and girls alike will enjoy racing teeny cars up and down the ramp. Made from 100% FSC certified wood and painted with non-toxic water based paint, little people are safe with this one. As we know, babies and toddlers love exploring shapes and textures with their mouths, so this gift is not an issue.

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids

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    EverEarth Wooden Stacking Duck

    A brightly coloured, sustainable wooden duck is the perfect gift for this age group. This duck builds shape recognition and hand-eye coordination. Your tiny people will love stacking over and over until they master it!

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids

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    Green Start Books & Puzzles

    Baby Animals is an excellent starter book made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and vegetable inks. A feel-good book in every way! Little ones will search and learn about endangered species.

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids

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    Gifts for Kids Aged 3-7 Years

    Beeswax & Soy Wax Crayons

    As most parents know, crayons are a very attractive thing for kids to put in their mouths once in a while! With these brightly coloured, Tinta Crayons (pictured), you needn’t worry. Made of Australian beeswax, organic plant waxes and non-toxic Kremer pigments, they won’t pose a threat to little ones’ health. And hopefully they’ll just be used for creative works of art! These fun Australiana shaped crayons would make a great stocking filler.

    Also available are Crayon Rocks, which are made from natural soy wax and encourage a tripod grip, assisting in the development of fine motor skills and handwriting technique. And Honeysticks Crayons, which are handmade from 100% pure New Zealand beeswax and contain no paraffins or toxic ingredients.

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids

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    Wishbone Bike 3-in-1

    This durable wooden bike starts as a 3 wheeled ‘pre-bike’ for toddlers before becoming a balance bike. This negates the need for trainer wheels and gets them on to pedalling faster. This bike is made to last generations and won’t have ‘planned obsolescence’. Made from sustainably sourced materials with cutting-edge New Zealand design. Seeing this under the tree will be a delight for the kids.

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids

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    Funky Chicken: A Bushy Tale of Crocs and Chooks

    This hilarious book has cool rhymes and a CD to follow along. Learn about how the animals decided who is the most unique!

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids

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    Gifts for Kids Aged 8-11 Years

    The World That We Want

    This beautifully illustrated book will enthuse children about caring for the environment. Kids of this age are now acutely aware of the challenges the world faces. This book will help the message without being preachy.

    Each illustration is hand painted with representative creatures and ecosystems. A multiple gatefold page appears which beautifully displays all the ecosystems. Quite the visual treat.

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids

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    The Round The World Quiz Book

    A fun and entertaining book that will help spark interest in geography, cultures and ecosystems. Kids can challenge family and friends with 500 questions about our amazing world. Topics covered include epic earth, extreme places, animal magic and strange but true.

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids

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    Planet Finska Premium Ludo

    Encourage the kids to unplug and engage as a family with this awesome strategy game. Kids can challenge adults for some family fun! Race your four pegs around the board to get home first, using your ‘noggin. This is a board game with a difference as it’s handcrafted out of premium hardwood and will last a lifetime. Something for the kids to hand down to their own kids.

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids

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    Gifts for Teens

    LED Wire String Lights

    Most teens want their space to look as funky as possible. These cool lights certainly do the trick without harming the earth. What sets our copper string lights apart is that they are exceptionally high quality, and will last for many years to come – much longer than the cheap lights you find in department stores. For use indoor or out as long as the plug is protected from the elements. Also adds festive cheer to any abode.

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids

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    Australian Pink Clay

    Our pure Australian pink clay is a blend of kaolin white clay and red clays, and is a good allrounder for all skin types. Our Australian pink clay is cleansing, brightening detoxifying and provides gentle exfoliation. It comes in a reusable glass jar and is a great gift for teens.

    To make a face mask, simply mix a small amount of clay with a small amount of distilled water to form a paste. Avoid using metal utensils as this reduces the effectiveness of the clay.

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids


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    Planet Finska Frescobol Copacabana

    Hailing from Brazil, this beach paddle game will be the hit of the summer for your teen and their mates. These high-quality, environmentally sustainable sets will last a lifetime. Comes in hard-wearing canvas shoulder bag for easy beach-toting!

    Best Eco Gifts for Kids

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    We hope these suggestions take some of the sting out of planning. Give the gift of curiosity whilst not being throw-away or harmful to the planet. Happy shopping!

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