• 7 ways to relax, rejuvenate and detox these holidays

    December 20, 2016 • BEAUTY, GUIDES, LIFE

    A long weekend or holiday is a great time to relax, rejuvenate and detox. We love the opportunity to reconnect with nature and spend time in the beautiful natural environment, be that at the beach, bush walking, or simply in the backyard or garden. We love to relax with family and friends, and spend time in the kitchen creating delicious wholesome food. There are lots of other ways we love to relax on holidays too, and here are our top seven:

    Take a relaxing mineral milk bath
    Ways to relax and detox this festive season - Corrynne's Mineral Milk Bath

    Just the thing to promote a feeling of calm and relaxation, and to soothe tired, aching muscles. Corrynne’s mineral milk bath is packed full of minerals, such as magnesium, zinc and silica, which are renowned for their healing properties. It is also made with BP grade Epsom salts, guaranteeing there are no heavy metals present. To use, add half a cup to your bath and immerse yourself in the milky tonic. Add 1 teaspoon of quality olive oil for a more moisturising bath, or even some rose petals for a beautiful at home spa experience.

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    Sooth tired eyes and have a restful sleep

    Ways to relax and detox this festive season - weatbags herbal eye pillow

    A WheatBags Love eye pillow with organic lavender is perfect for helping you relax and rejuvenate. Place it in the freezer for a short while and it can be used as a cooling eye pad, great for headaches and sore eyes. Or, use it at room temperature to help you get to sleep at night.  We love WheatBags because they are hand made in Australia from filtered wheat, organic lavender, with natural screen printed fabric.

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    Treat yourself to a face mask

    Ways to relax and detox this festive season - Acure Wonderfluff

    The magical wonderfluff by Acure is an overnight hydrating booster mask suitable for all skin types. With ingredients like argan stem cells, gardenia stem cells, chlorella, and argan oil, it works to fight wrinkles all through the night, leaving you with soft, hydrated skin. We love Acure as it is a family owned company founded on sustainable principles. Their products are also free from petrochemicals, free of hormone disruptors and common allergens, and they do not ever test on animals.

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    Take a special and luxurious body care kit with you on holidays

    Ways to relax and detox this festive season - Dr Hauschka Harmony Kit

    This beautiful sample pack is great for taking with you on holidays and one of our favourite ways to relax. The kit is a wonderful introduction to Dr. Hauschka and includes a travel size body wash, bath essences, body oil and body creams formulated with the calming and relaxing plant essences of rose and lavender. We love the Dr. Hauschka range as it is free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives.

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    Detox and give your mind, body and soul a fresh start
    Ways to relax and detox this festive season - Pukka detox tea

    Not just any tea, the Pukka organic detox tea is the ultimate detox tea to help you shrug off the old and embrace the new. It contains a clean fusion of organic aniseed, fennel and cardamom, and is the perfect combination for giving your mind, body and soul a fresh start.

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    Indulge in a stimulating salt scrub

    Ways to relax and detox this festive season - Olieve salt scrub

    Olieve’s beautiful handmade extra virgin olive oil, lemon, mandarin and peppermint salt scrub will leave your skin feeling renewed and glowing. The salt stimulates and lifts dead skin cells while the antioxidants of the olive oil penetrate deeply to provide anti-ageing benefits naturally. Olieve produce the key ingredient, extra virgin olive oil on site, minimizing their carbon footprint. We love that their handmade, small batch, sensitive production has less eco-impact.

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    Clean and fragrance the air of your home
    Ways to relax and detox this festive season - Sol aroma diffuser

    The SOL aroma diffuser creates a relaxing environment, with just a few drops of your favourite essential oils. It is one of our favourite ways to relax at home. Working as both an aromatherapy diffuser and a room humidifier, it features a sustainable hand-crafted glass and bamboo design, and ambient LED lighting. We love this diffuser because not only can it be used for frangrancing, aromatherapy, humidifying, and negative air ionising, there are no heating or chemicals involved in its use.

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