• Vegan Wine That’s Organic and B Corp Certified? Don’t mind if I do!

    May 4, 2022 • EAT, LIFE, VEGAN

    Minimum Wines, produce certified organic, vegan wine from a small winery in Victoria, with a strong commitment to positive social and environmental impact.

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    Organic, low sulphur, wild fermented, vegan, and even with real corks!  Yes, some winemakers still appreciate the specialness of natural cork!

    A certified B Corp, like Biome, Minimum Wines give at least 5% of their revenue to impact, including 1% to Paying the Rent, and 1% to the Planet.

    Minimum Wines is a small family vineyard in central Victoria, founded by Matt & Lentil Purbrick, authors of the popular book The Village.

    These are mindful wines made with respect for the land and the people who drink them.  Biome founder, Tracey, enjoys a vegan Chardonnay and loved this one.

    Minimum Wines Vegan Chardonnay

    Why Vegan Wine

    Some wines are made using dairy, egg or fish as part of the fining (or clarifying) process which removes impurities from the wine.

    According to Minimum Wines, this is not necessarily a difficult thing to achieve in winemaking and more wines on the shelves may be vegan than state it on the label.  In Australia, winemakers are required to list the use of potential allergens such as casein and albumin on the label, but not to reveal the use of other animal-based fining agents.

    Vegan alternatives to clarify wine include carbon, bentonite clay and unfortunately a synthetic polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVP or E1202).  

    Natural wines, which are unfiltered and slightly cloudy in appearance, are gaining popularity.   And you will find more wines are being labelled as vegan wine.  Minimum Wines is certified vegan with Vegan Australia.

    B Corp Certified Business

    B Corp is a robust and holistic measurement of a business’s social and environmental impact, and certification provides transparency and accountability for how a business conducts itself.

    This is what Minimum Wines say about their B Corp certification

    We believe we need a systems change in how we do business, away from extraction and towards regeneration. And we need to create a cultural container that acknowledges this fundamental transition in business ethics, purpose and potential.

    For us, B Corp certification is that container. B Corp provides a path promote best practices for businesses in this critical moment. It helps us with our internal framing about how and why we do what we do and who benefits/is affected by what we choose to do. It also lets you, our community, see exactly what’s going on at Minimum with complete transparency.

    Businesses should be like greenhouses; you can see inside from all angles, a space where healthy things are being propagated, things you can enjoy too, things that bring joy. That’s why we’re a B Corp; it’s our commitment to always be better: for us, and for you.

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