• Our Favourite Bento Boxes for a Waste Free Lunch

    February 1, 2018 • ECO HOME, GUIDES, LIFE

    Once the domain of Japanese cuisine only, the bento box is a now a force in children’s lunch boxes the world over. The style, simplicity and convenience of these boxes make them a great choice for parents and caregivers wanting to provide a healthy lunch with variety. But best of all, it generates a waste-free lunch as each food or snack has its own ready-made, reusable compartment.

    Bento boxes originated in Japan in the middle ages for food to be carried to work. The meaning of Bento roughly translates to ‘convenience’. The ingenious design has ensured that the convenience of the bento is top-of-mind today and more popular than ever.

    Biome stocks arguably one of Australia’s largest ranges of bento boxes for school lunches. Fitting with Biome’s commitment to promote zero waste, the range is a dream for kids with amazing colours, features and health benefits. Here are some of our top bento lunch boxes for all ages to help you create a waste free lunch time.

    Planetbox Launch

    A food grade stainless steel bento style box with the lot. The Launch is the largest in the Planetbox range.

    If you purchase the Planetbox Launch Complete Kit it contains a bento box with 3 large compartments and 1 dipper, plus magnets and insulated carry bag.

    This box could easily fit a sandwich, wrap or rice paper rolls as well as carrot or celery sticks, dip, popcorn or other snacks. Biome stocks Launch in 12 different styles, with colourful magnets. It fits a good amount of food for the growing demands of pre-teens and teens, even adults.

    Waste Free Lunch Box - The Best Bento Boxes for All Ages

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    Planetbox Shuttle

    The durable and cleverly designed shuttle is the perfect size for littlies with 2 compartments. It also has ‘younger’, attractive designs such as butterflies and aliens. Great for pre-school kids.

    It comes with one lid and a latch that is designed for 3-year-old and older to be able to open. All Planetbox bento boxes are lead-free, BPA-free, phthalate and PVC free and are dishwasher safe.

    Can be purchased with a slim line carrier bag perfect for smaller school bags.


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    Goodbyn Hero

    The Goodbyn brand is known for its safe and healthy materials and versatile options.

    Goodbyn is made from more flexible BPA-free plastic which ensures longevity.

    The Hero is the largest of the range and features:

    One large compartment and two small compartments with the option of adding in one large leak-proof dipper with lid and a small dipper. You can arrange or use the dippers depending on what you are packing on a particular day.

    The Hero comes in:

    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Red
    • Green
    • Purple

    Waste Free Lunch Boxes

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    Goodbyn Bynto

    With the durability of the Hero, the Bynto comes with 3 individually sealing compartments which means you don’t have to keep track of different parts.

    This is particularly good for an age group which can sometimes forget to pack dippers etc back in the box, in their rush to run off and play.


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    Yumbox Panino Lunch Box – 4 Compartment

    This awesome bento style box is made from phthalate and BPA free plastic with one lid.

    It has a dip well that is well sealed so you can include wet food such as dip or yoghurt without it spreading to other foods in the box. The vibrant colours and designs in this range particularly suit this age group.

    Holding around 3 cups worth of food, this seems to be the perfect size for 6-9 year old bellies.


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    Yumbox Minisnack 3 compartment

    For the youngest students who might have a shorter day or less appetite, you can’t go past the minisnack 3 compartment. It is dishwasher safe, has one lid and comes in all the gorgeous colours and designs that Yumbox is known for.



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    Enjoy browsing and choosing from these cutting-edge bento ranges. Guaranteed to inspire you to pack healthy and attractive food for all age groups.