• The best fragrance free soaps for sensitive skin

    November 17, 2021 • CLEAN, ECO HOME, LIFE

    Best fragrance free soaps for sensitive skin including babies and children

    Many soaps and body washes available in supermarkets and chemists that are marketed towards those with sensitive skin are actually full of known skin irritants themselves (Lauric Acid, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Alumina, for example). But we’ve found these natural, fragrance free free soaps for sensitive skin that you can absolutely trust!

    They’re all guaranteed palm oil free, petrochemical free, and made here in Australia by small local businesses.

    For many that are sensitive to fragrance, it’s not just the synthetic parfums that are the issue.  Essential oils can also cause irritation, so for us, fragrance free means they have no essential oils either.

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    Dindi Naturals Hemp Seed Oil Soap Bar

    This wonderful hemp soap by Dindi Naturals is made from oils of hemp seed, olive, coconut, rice bran, sunflower and organic castor, along with shea butter and French green clay. Creamy, gentle and nourishing, it has been specifically designed for sensitive skin types and does not contain any essential oils or synthetic ingredients.

    It gets extra points from us for:

    • Being an excellent choice if you use grey water on your garden;
    • Easily removing sunscreen from the skin; and
    • Has a packaging free option available.

    Our customers have long loved this natural, palm oil free soap. Here is what they have to say:

    “I find this oil nourishing, moisturising and healing for my very dry hands and skin. So natural and pleasant.” – Preeya

    “This is a plain, ethical soap that lathers beautifully!” – Rose

    “Was given one of these as past of a gift set, and I love it! It’s unscented so I use it next to my kitchen sink – and I am happy that it doesn’t leave a scent residue that could transfer to food.” – Andrew

    Dindi Naturals Olive Oil Soap Bar

    Dindi Naturals’ 100% pure olive oil soap is nice and gentle on the skin and will leave you feeling cleansed, moisturised and rejuvenated. This unscented bar contains no essential oils or irritating synthetic ingredients, and is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

    We love it because it’s:

    • Made from one simple ingredient: saponified 100% pure olive oil;
    • Multipurpose – can be used to wash the body, hands, hair and scalp; and
    • Great for infants, children and anyone who has sensitive skin.

    Here’s what our customers have to say:

    “I have eczema and this soap is soft enough to help moisturise my skin. Definitely will buy more.” – Aurelia

    “This soap is so lovely. After years of having dry/cracked skin on my hands I’ve really noticed an improvement after using this soap to wash my hands. It’s feels delightful – lovely and creamy and gentle. And the price point is very good too, for a pure olive oil soap.” – Lucinda

    “Effective at cleaning but leaves my skin soft. Has reduced dry and itching skin. Also effective and gentle on hair and scalp.” – Jenny

    Dindi Naturals Hand & Body Wash – Sensitive

    If you’re super sensitive to scents but prefer a liquid soap, Dindi Naturals offers a fragrance free liquid hand and body wash just for you! Made with no added essential oils, this hand and body wash is gentle enough for use all over the body and by the whole family!

    • Great for those with allergies, psoriasis or eczema;
    • Lathers really well; and
    • Can be used to wash the body, hands, hair and scalp.

    Biome True Castile Soap Bar

    Handmade in Australia from one natural ingredient, Olive Oil from Alden’s Olives in Cohuna, Victoria, this bar can be used for any beauty or cleaning need. Gentle, moisturising and long lasting, you’ll always have a reliable soap for sensitive skin around.

    We love it because it’s:

    • Made from one simple ingredient: saponified olive oil from Australian grown olives;
    • Multipurpose – can be used to wash hands, the body, or for household cleaning; and
    • Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types.

    Here’s what our customers have to say:

    “Since first trying this as a dish soap , I’m a complete convert and won’t use anything else. The skin on my hands has never been this happy and it’s an effective cleaning agent. I’ll never use anything else again.” – Anna

    “I grate some into a bucket and fill with hot water to clean the floors, but the possibilities are endless with this product.” – Rachel

    “Love, love, love Castile soap – it beautiful on the skin, has so many uses and just feels purely divine.” – Sharyn

    The best soaps for sensitive skin are not only fragrance free, but also free from petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives such as Tetrasodium EDTA, chelating agents such as Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) , and synthetic detergents such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).  Every liquid soap and bar soap at Biome is free from these ingredients!