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    7 Reasons Hemp Food is Good for You & The Planet

    November 28, 2017 • EAT, GUIDES, LIFE
    hemp food

    Did you know that it is now legal to eat hemp food in Australia?  Hemp foods are highly nutritious, a great form of vegan protein and omega fatty acids, gluten free, and as a crop, hemp is great for the environment and farmers. Shop our range of hemp food products here > Here are ...

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    Summertime Raw Food Smoothie recipe

    November 25, 2015 • EAT
    Raw food smoothie

    Summertime is approaching and bringing some positive rays of sunshine our way. This time of year we begin to get the most out of each day, increased serotonin giving us the spark and excitement to spend more time in nature, and helping motivate us to achieve our goals!  Through sustainable and conscious living we...

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    One girl’s journey to simplify her life

    August 21, 2015 • GROW

    The Biome Blog Program invites you to share your healthy harmonious lifestyle choices with the wider Biome community. Your stories inspire us all to move forward on our sustainability journey. To share your stories with us, head to the Green Living Guide and contact Tracey for more information. Our regular blogger, Jennifer Donovan, is a...

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