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    The Conscious Step Story, Save the World with Socks!

    March 2, 2018 • GUIDES, HOME, VEGAN
    conscious step feature

    No matter who we are, we can always take a Conscious Step towards helping the issues that matter to us. With so many environmental, health, and humanitarian crises in the world today, it can be easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed, not knowing how or where to help. But sometimes, it can be as...

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    Top 10 Environmental Books to Read

    August 2, 2017 • GUIDES, LIFE
    The best environmental books

    Books are awesome, period. At Biome, we love reading books about gardening, beekeeping, vegan recipes and sustainable-living. We also love books that teach us about environmental issues, and it’s these books we’re focusing on today. As consumers, we’re becoming more aware and proactive in the choices we make. We’re learning about our impact on...

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