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    Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion: A Beginners Guide

    April 12, 2019 • BEAUTY, GUIDES, LIFE
    Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion | Biome Eco Stores

    By Slow Fashion blogger Leah Musch, @unmaterialgirl  In an age of hashtags and buzz words, two terms have recently seemed to gain a lot of traction within both the eco and fashion community – Fast Fashion and Slow Fashion.  Read on as we explain what these two terms mean, and why it’s so important to know...

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    Is “bamboo fabric” plastic? And Biome’s purpose in stating it is.

    August 10, 2018 • LIFE
    Is “Bamboo Fabric” plastic? And Biome’s purpose in stating it is. | Biome Eco Stores

    “With knowing comes caring. With caring comes change.”  —Craig Leeson, Filmmaker and producer of A Plastic Ocean Yes, plastic is a heavy word.  At this time when we are so overwhelmed with the burden of single use plastics and plastic polluting our planet, it can be seen as an emotional and “dirty” word.  Being...

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    Stylish and ethical art for the legs

    August 27, 2011 • GUIDES
    Tightology Tights

    With a desire to create art for the legs, Tightology was born. The range is original, stylish and comfortable, with pieces that would compliment a an ever changing wardrobe. Each is proudly made in Australia and designed with the environment.  By using organic cotton, bamboo and merino wool, the Tightology range ensures that each item of...

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